Most insurance companies today provides minimal services and get rich. Why is this so? Is there any solution? and so many more questions pop into our heads as to this unfair constraint. These questions will be answered as you read on. 
Firstly, Insurance companies have agents and fees charged for paying them off from policyholders, and many other insurance companies use similar concepts even though they are different regulators. In addition, the money put into the policy does not earn interest, whereas the money saved in the bank just get interest. Then the interest on the money is taken by the insurance company. This is one major highlight of the need for umbrella coin. Now you’re thinking What is Umbrella Coin?

The Umbrella Coin (UMC) brings an idea in the modern world that wants to improve the ecosystem of the insurance world people think. The UMC team is building a next generation model for risk management for individuals and businesses. The solution will be built on a decentralized blockchain platform to avoid the costs and management costs associated with traditional insurance companies. Umbrella Coin was founded with the idea that insurance companies around the world get rich while providing services as little as possible is fundamentally wrong. As said earlier, Umbrella is an idea in the modern world that wants to improve the ecosystem of the insurance world people think. Now, the interesting thing here is the way umbrella did it all in a smart way. See why umbrella coin as an insurance platform is smart is because it took advantage of the high rate of income going into all forms of insurance such as Property / Casual and Life / Health premiums, in order to help people by relieving them of financial in cases of life happenings. This indeed is a great improvement in insurance’s ecosystem.

Umbrella wants to eliminate the hidden costs associated with the insurance policy so that policyholders can enjoy the benefits during the emergency and can enjoy the peace. Umbrella is trying to remove the agent because it is increasingly burdening the policyholder. Umbrella lso tries to reduce the high premiums that must be paid by the policyholder

Umbrella comes with different mechanisms and workings. Umbrella will build a network that will record payments and utilize the money as a form of investment policyholders as well. The money generated (such as interest) will then be processed so that the policyholder is no longer found to have to pay additional fees. This additional fee applies also to the types of deductibles, co-pays and co-insurances.

Conclusively, Umbrella is not only giving the concept of insurance only for the sake of interest, but further Umbrella comes as a solution to the problems that arise and complained by the policyholders on the concept of conventional insurance.The UMC team has created this framework for building next generation pattern and model for risk management and benefits generally. Furthermore, to define this claim, more disposal claims and claims of income are been invested in line with properties (Real Estate) casual and life /Health Premiums through the disbursement of cost to policy holders. Thus, the opportunity and avenue UMC framework uses to empower and help individuals with financial redemption.

Briefly, Crowdfund Started Date: 20 August 2017 12:00 UTC
Crowdfund Ending Date: 20 October 2017 12:00 UTC
Issuance of UMC Tokens: 100 000 000 Tokens
Exchange rate: 600 UMC = 1 ETH.
Minimum transaction amount: 60 UMC (0.1 ETH)
Maximum transaction amount: 1 800 000 UMC (3 000 ETH)
Bonuses: for the first 5000 ETH raised, a 100% bonus will be given
Bounty: 1 200 000 Tokens (1.2% of issuance)
Total Sale goal: 100 000 ETH
Minimal Sale goal: 5 000 ETH Token
distribution rules:
68.8% (68 million tokens) will be available to participants

• 20% (20 million tokens) will be allocated to the UMC trust and will be used to build a preliminary float pool.
• 10% (10 million tokens) will be distributed among team members
• All collected funds shall be received and stored on wallets with multi-signatures.

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