Bitlumens is a blockchain company created to bring solar and water to rural and remote communities. The company's technology is supported by blockchain and internet technologies. Bitlumens platform aims to provide social and environmental transformation for people who need it and support Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) in Latin America. The company is registered in Switzerland. The CEO and founder of the company is Veronica Garcia, an investment consultant.

The Bitlumens blockchain uses a mix of on and off chain data part of the blockchain however will be bound together. Each customer will have the ability to have their own particular ID and record of advance reimbursement. This information can be bestowed to untouchables who offer microlending arrangements, government and progression banks. Customers can pick up permission to microcredits by paying a specific advance expense in light of individual and behavioral components. On chain: The contemplation is that our financial specialists know when the trades by our customers are done. After the trade is entered in the framework by our administrators, Bitlumens will pay these authorities a commission named in tokens.

Bitlumens offers access to a phase that interfaces microcredit answers for customers who are not fueled to the grid, offering SHS. We give the affirmation of significant microcredit. Each customer will have the ability to have their own specific ID and record as a buyer. This information can be conferred to outcasts who offer microlending arrangements, government and progression banks.


The company's main idea is to bring users and environmentally friendly Internet goods to bring energy and water to places where there is no bank account and no electricity. Agents will install hardware and collect payments. Companies will use the app to gather information about each client and find out how much it costs for each team.

Token will be used to access the platform. The Bitlumens system uses the Ethereum-based ERC20 token and the Ethereum blockchain to work. Tokens will work as part of the rights of investors to support the development of the company. The platform will work based on consensus. Also, tokens will be purchased by farmers and people living in areas impacted by the company's program. They will be able to buy electricity, electricity and water from Bitlumens devices.

The company plans to use clean technology to provide rural communities who need to use kerosene, plastics, torches and candles because they do not have access to electricity. Using these devices, these people will have ways to improve their business and their quality of life. The company has commenced its first pilot program and mobile app in beta phase. There is a second pilot test scheduled for the end of the first half of this year. The rest of the improvements made by the company will be done until the end of 2018.

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BLS tokens is created by Bitlumens platform and required to get to FICO rating data from the 1.2 billion people who don't approach power and records. Villagers use BLS token to pay for control. The BLS token is used to send settlements. Any person who needs a BLS token to get to BitLumens organizations must get it from the open market. BLS TOKEN provide direct access to safe, naturally neighborly and strong power. Access to microloans and other cash related organizations for billions of people who don't have monetary adjusts. Keep up a key separation from the exorbitant settlement costs that are by and large charged for scaled down scale credits. Each token addresses a game plan of microloans that is guaranteed by our hardware. Adding to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Total token supply is limited to 50,000,000, with the smallest denominations available.

Pre-ICO Prices May 28 - 30 10 Million 4 BLS / USD 40%

ICO Bonus Day 1 June 1/3 BLS / USD

ICO Day 2-7 2 June - 7 June / 2.75 BLS / USD

ICO Day 8-14 June 8 - 14 June / 2.50 BLS / USD

ICO 15-28 June 15 - 28 June / 2 BLS / USD

Hardcap: Equivalent to USD 25 Million

Only payments are in ETH currency and fiat currency received. Bitlumens helps those who prefer to participate in pre-ICOs in fiat currency.

The final price will be determined one week before the start of the ICO pre that reflects the ETH price movement up to that point. he is 0.0001.

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Allocation - Number of tokens (in million) - in%

  • Pre ICO - 10 - 20%

  • ICO - 15 - 30%

  • Bitlumens - 17.5 - 35%

  • Team and Advisors - 6.5 - 13%

  • Bounty - 1 - 2%


  • Hardware - 35%

  • Legal - 2%

  • Wages - 35%

  • ICO Expenses - 2%

  • Software Development - 20%

  • Marketing and PR - 6%





  • YASH PATEL; Frontend Developer

  • PRIYA; Designer

  • REKHA; Backend Developer

  • REKHA; Backend Developer

  • MIHAELA ULIERU; Great Data Specialist, Advisor

  • DEAN KARAKITSOS; Blockchain Advisor

  • CAROLINA FORGA; Investor Relations, Counselors

  • THOMAS KANSY; Carbon Credit Specialist, Advisor

  • IAN SCARFFE; Crypto Expert, Counselor

  • JIM KYUNG-SOO LIEW; AI Expert, Advisor

  • HERBERT STERCHI; Counselor

  • BEN BUNKER; Business Developer, Advisor

  • CHIA HOCK LAI; Counselor

  • MEGAN KERINS; Consulting engineer


  • 15/01/2018

Starting from first Pilot

  • 01/03/2018

Launching of Web and Mobile apps in Beta

  • 28/05/2018

Pre-Sale Bitlumens

  • 30/05/2018

Final Pre-Sales BLS

  • 01/06/2018

Starts Sales of ICO

  • 28 / 06/2018

Final Sales ICO

  • 30/06/2018

Launch of new Android app

  • 01/07/2018

Starting from second Pilot

  • 01/07/2018

BLS Trading started

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Whitepaper; Paper Feb 2018.pdf








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