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Overview of the Eurocredit Plus loyalty award nominees
Since 2005, Multibuy has been using its traditional reward system for adherence. Despite the fact that to date the system of ordinary prizes is highly effective, it can demonstrate costly work and supervision, especially when scaling up development in the world market. In such expansive scales, focal dispersion and support is work, escalation, strategically difficult and open for extortion or misuse of the structure

**Why do we switch from Eurocredit Plus? **
Effectively demonstrated and extremely fruitful, the development of our Eurocredit Plus remuneration system has become an obvious chance to use the efficiency that Blockchain's innovation brings. Ousting our traditional "demonstration of remuneration beyond the frame", we plan to spread to numerous new markets, using the advancement of this energy-consuming space. This progress will also consider a stage that will be greatly improved and expanded in the interests of all members. After sending, ourexisting Eurocredit Plus prize stage will be next to new customers and will be replaced by our crypto currency called MB8 Coin.
Why MB8 Is the coin unusual?
The MB8 coin will be used as a "fuel" for organizing rewards for the current award. MB8 Coin will become the main crypto currency that will be released with demonstrated true use and will be recognized as a part or whole package within the current system of sellers and retailers. MB8 Coin is set up to lay the foundation for prize arrangements, which are currently used under the white name of more than 2,100 organizations.
For what reason did we decide to launch our own Blockchain?
We needed to add security and integrity to our premiums. Early tests showed that this innovation was ideal for replacing our current specialized device. Creating our own chain allows us to control the distribution, consolidation, support and development of the system.
A block-based device
This will allow us to simplify the scaling procedure and save money on running costs. After a more in-depth study and conference, the additional benefits of switching to a token of remuneration based on crypto currency are:
• Thanks to investments in system security, you can receive a reward of 5% per year, as additional tokens.
• MB8 signs are scattered through ICO to people in general, to new and existing business associates.
• Failure to deceive or make additional bonus bonuses MB8.
• Unlimited and fast exchanges, unmatched for the world's foremost market.
• Using the MB8 token through distributed darting and exchange on crypto transactions will reveal the true value.
• Attract new customers to use the stages of prizes, as well as bring a lot of new sellers, organizations and sites for prizes.

Coin Details
Name: MB8 Coin
Ticker: MB8
Algorithm: Neoscrypt
Type: Proof of Stake (POS)
Class: Utility Token
Segwit Ready
Main Distribution via ICO
All unsold coins will be burnt

POS Details
POS Maturity: 4 Hrs
POS Max Time : None
POW Block Height: 1
Coinbase maturity: 101 block
Transaction confirmations: 1
Difficulty Retarget: each block
Reward: 5% per annum
Double Rewards (10%) for initial 6mths.

Supply Details
Full supply of 1 Billion reached over a 12 Year period.
Coin supply increases by 5% per annum to reach this maximum.
Coins available via ICO: 550,000,000
Discount ratios: 5:1, 4:1, 3:1 and 2:1 released in stages.
Initial Value: 1 MB8Coin = 1 EURO.

The sale of tokens The

**key fact **
• MB8 Coin decentralizes, makes and gives a limited number of used tokens within the upgraded Multibuys reward system.
• Multibuy has teamed up with 2,100 organizations and is rapidly evolving.
• This change will make Multibuy the most common, different and modern reward system for reliability.
• It will attract business partners, financial specialists, examiners and respected new clients.

**The cost of coins **
We give all this tremendous opportunity to be associated with the achievement and development of the MB8 coin by purchasing tokens on a small amount of officially confirmed 1 euro assessment inside the dynamic premiums and reliability reliability of Multibuys. After the evaluation of a coin MB8, similar to each cryptographic currency, can not be guaranteed (or guaranteed) on an open cryptographic display to preserve its value of 1 euro, nevertheless, it will be reliably estimated when assessing 1 euro within the prizes themselves,
In the event that, however, the valuation of MB8 goes beyond 1 euro, and as the system develops, we plan to see it, your MB8 coin will have more incentive than 1 euro, which at that time would be reliable. Of course, you can offer your MB8 coin to a deal with a profit, since it will depend on them from business associates and brokers.

Expansion and development
As the stage grows, our Blockchain organization is equipped to get acquainted with additional administrations offering some incentives or other motivating forces for business associates and clients. After the completion of the ICO, the owners of the MB8 Coin privileges will be conducted by Multibuy Company Limited.
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