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The imaginative conception of Trade Pharma Network will definitely enhance the present blemishes in the pharmaceutical exchange and administrations by incorporating Blockchain, AI, IoT, 3D medicate printing innovations to make a progressive and a multi-benefit stage.


Exchange Pharma Network is an EU-sanctioned financier stage and an ecumenical pharma-driven marketplace of decision for purchasers and dealers performing routine exchanges of solutions. Our Artificial Astuteness (AI) driven stage utilizes great AI calculations to empower efficacious inquiry and computerized matchmaking between our key partners yet adscititiously Blockchain as we imagine a future where each physical medication has an advanced history, enabling our clients to follow and substantiate its commencements, ascribes and possession to battle productively against fake solutions, in Europe and Ecumenical.

The 3 following authentic standards are:

SMART: Our fundamental innovation is predicated on private, open and half breed Blockchain systems that bring straightforwardness into this multi-billion industry. For sure, Trade Pharma Network through its bleeding edge decentralized applications that empower our clients to upset the trust business with the point of ameliorating the world through a dispersed record innovation without being compelled by restricted contribution from outside our system.
INTELLIGENT: Our stage utilizes AI-driven innovation that comprise in ground-breaking calculations requiring cutting edge Machine Learning system and withal quality datasets contrasted with the more customary Machine Learning calculations of today. This AI innovation empowers automatic fixating on and computerized matchmaking between the supply and the request, with an individual touch.
NETWORK: Our principle benefit adheres to the pharmaceutical exchange and the stage is connecting together, shippers and expoorters merchants, sedate engenderers, wholesalers, clinic and administering drug stores, non-benefits and our corporate accomplices in Europe and around the world. Online exchanges between all accumulations are made in a fundamental and productive way.


Pharmaceuticals Trade and Utilizer Experience:

Exchange Pharma Network will give a multi-benefit stage and another exchange cognate understanding for shoppers by incorporating Blockchain and AI into the Emporium to make auxiliary, efficacious site route and furnish buyers with more point by point portrayal and representation of items.

Forestalling forging of pharmaceuticals:

Empowering gregarious indemnification organizations to fabricate straightforwardness and confide in their merchandise and inventory network, making more preponderant consistency for makes to deal with their supply of solutions all the more productively to avert medications deficiencies and duplicating of pharmaceuticals and parallel imports.

Interconnected "Things"

An ecumenical system of minuscule, excruciating sensors sanctioning physical items from inundating types of gear, to portable and wearable contrivances, to conveyances, physical structures, and apparatuses to interface, communicate and apportion information with each other utilizing the Blockchain and IoT and IIoT.

Multifarious Blockchain Payment and Cryptocurrency Exchange:

Second layer answers for multifariousness empowering 1 billion exchanges for each second and very secure Blockchain/off-chain that boundlessly enhances the comfort of installments and trade in digital currency performing Atomic Swaps in decentralized and non-custodial way. Clients will be able to unreservedly change over to whichever token they optate, including the Trade Pharma Network token (TXP), to dispense with expenses and buy benefits, all in a straightforward and proficient way.

Pharma and Healthcare Staffing:

Building a faculty network and solid sodality with specialty competitors that a portion of our clients can't get themselves. Availing the brokers free situation of elusive contractual workers, specialists and immutable staff inside the medicinal accommodations and pharma ventures, utilizing savvy contracts.

Advancing Charity:

Engaging individuals to better interface with the causes they contemplate by utilizing Blockchain and Artificial Astuteness. With the assistance of forefront plat-frame, we empower the algorithmically coordinating of Organizations and Donors and a decentralized installment framework with the most reduced expenses accessible, all inclusive.

Integrated substance Manufacturing:

We trust we will have the capacity to market printed tablets inside the following 2-3 years. The greatest test for 3D printing isn't simply the innovation, yet rather the administrative condition. We have commenced, close by our accomplices (drug specialists, the scholarly community, laying the preparation for the 3D printing of altered prescription at a couple of administering focuses.


The Trade Pharma Network (TXP) will fill in as the essential strategy for access to exchanges on the Pharmaceutical Rialto. The token will have the capacity of being kept in our private wallet and after that sent to the stage to enhearten exchanges for administrations, maintaining a strategic distance from the quandary of utilizing a card of the silly expenses of Bitcoin. The token is bolstered by Ethereum Blockchain and predicated on the ERC20 standard.

Development POOL

Intended to advance commitment and cooperation between the Trade Pharma Network group and its growingpharma-driven network.

Gives a supportable plan of action by allotting the tokens concretely to the development pool for use after the ICO to finance network campaigns to enhance this venture.

The Trade Pharma Network discussion is intended to be utilized as methods for correspondence for potential partnerships and future cerebrations for organization extension. Network individuals (engineers, designers,) can either utilize their own tokens to contribute towards the development of the venture, or get tokens out of the Trade Pharma Network development pool to be distributed for particular errand culmination.


Amid the ICO, the token will be straightforwardly conveyed to the financial specialists through the Astute Contract and will be solidified until the finish of the ICO. The unsold token will be scorched toward the finish of ICO and the distinctive proportions will be kept the same to keep up a decent harmony of the incipient biological community and its economy. No incipient emanation of token will be done after the finish of the ICO.

In addition, recollect that our bounty program is presently running you can take part and gets recompensed with TXP token

The following are the assignment of the assets raised amid the ICO:

Development Lab 10%

Lawful and Compliance 10%

Effort Initiatives, Integrations, Marketing, Business Development and Partnerships 35%

Exchange Pharma Network center group, R&D and Operations 45%


Exchange Pharma Network will be printing 1 Billion aggregate tokens, every token evaluated at $0.07 and a business esteemed at $70 Million with a commencement flowing supply of 500 Million tokens (a moiety of the aggregate token) toward the culminating of the ICO. This number will be liable to future vicissitude in view of the quantification of development Pool tokens discharged per annum.

SoftCap ===============$2.5 Million

MiddleCap============= $10 Million

HardCap============== $20 Million


The chart at the left frameworks the aggregate breakdown of the most extreme token supply:

Development pool, activities, Marketing, Team 35%

Held by TXP 25%

(Pre)TGE, Referral, Bounty 25%

Exchange Pharma Network Team 15%

Referral 1%

Bounty 1%

Private Sale: 20 August - 28 September

Pre TGE: 2 October - 16 October

main TGE: 17 October - 16 November

Key organizations with the world's driving organizations are at the center of Trade Pharma Network's intend to develop.

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