Introducing other recent ICO using ETH tokens called BLOCKCDN, I will explain a bit about BLOCKCDN is a distributed CDN system based on the Ethereum smart contract. The system establishes CDN mining can make smart and market contract settlement within a CDN trading. Through online chains and checkouts, BLOCKCDN calls the
Participant global network to share idle devices (such as PCs, routers, TV boxes, mobile phones) And delivering upload traffic makes internet acceleration everywhere. Under the Ethereum Smart Contract System, BLOCKCDN will not only allow unused users Broadband to share idle network devices and upload traffic then higher Benefits without adding additional input, but providing cheaper, multi node, and CDN services are distributed faster for websites that need to be accelerated

By looking at the growing mobile internet, live video and HD 4K video, the user's Demand for massive data and response time has been promoted, owned Causing the booming CDN business. The CDN market is expected to grow from $ 3.7034 billion in 2014 to $ 12,1637 billion in 2019, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.9% for periods and long periods to grow at high speed [2], according to Ke data from the Micromarketmonitor report, released by PR Web.

Work principle

BLOCKCDN is a smart CDN node deployment software based on Open source Squid and combined with SDK and P2P technologies. Give full game not only for scheduling traditional P2P and CDN smart nodes but to SDK for Implementation of data series changes to parallel, one path being multiple one,
Algorithm and protocol for long term sustainable optimization, and 100% working

An anti-theft or anti hijacking chain. BLOCKCDN can easily upgrade smart devices To CDN nodes In addition, BLOCKCDN team fully captures and utilizes distributed, active CDN Smart scheduling, dynamic dynamic hierarchy dynamic dynamic DDOS Defense and other core technology advantages. This has been effective Recognizing the accelerated services for hot internet areas such as: Game Download, mobile app, video-on-demand, smart hardware, live streaming Dll.

Wallet: Digital wallet to store token (BCDN) Wallet can buy CDN
Acceleration on self-service platform, which can be accelerated instantly by Incorporating sites that require speed, acceleration traffic volume and Traffic price unit
CDN Encouragement: buy CDN service on demand through
Distributor user wallets : capable of providing distributed acceleration for websites, with the creation of
PCs, routers, TV boxes, mobile phones, BLOCKCDN trashes, etc. into Node cache CDNs, finally getting BCDN token according to Upload traffic

Trading platform: users may purchase and sell BCDN tokens through third-party
trading platforms

Mining clients

Software version: Software
mining client is one effective way for distributors to share
unused Broadband Without adding additional hardware and just running Mining clients in terminals can share traffic, such as computers, cell phones etc., people can keep giving upload traffic to the entire Day, get an equivalent BCDN token in accordance with the volume of traffic provided. Whenever you walk a dog, shop, eat or watch a movie ---- all the knots Make money for himAs demander acceleration purchases the CDN acceleration service,
BLOCKCDN will charge a 5% transaction fee as a development fund, to provide a
Technology upgrades, team and platform maintenance,
Innovation products , and so on. Most importantly, it makes sustainable and healthy development
Of the ecology of BLOCKCDN.

BCDN tokens

The BLOCKCDN Token ("BCDN") plays a key role in the BLOCKCDN ecosystem. BCDN
Token is mainly used for the following purposes:

revenue receipts for distributors who have unused broadband
Reception of BLOCKCDN system circulation
In BLOCKCDN network, required token for accelerator accelerator CDN Buy traffic Because BLOCKCDN uses a legal tender anchoring mechanism, BLOCKCDN network will prosper, more accelerators accelerate CDN, and quantity demand for BCDN tokens will increase Very, possibly leading to unit price BCDN is up. While CDN acceleration Sellers buy the same amount of traffic, the number of BCDN tokens that Need to be paid will decrease, and no increase in legal tender. This allows Accelerator acceleration CDN, without adding additional cost, to enjoy token Appreciation with the development of BLOCKCDN system.

Rule of BCDN amount
The total number of BCDN tokens is set to 1 billion, and the sum will not Increase forever, divided into five parts:

Crowdfunding (ICO) and free distribution: 400 million (40%)
Have a node development fund (BCDN mining): 400 million (40%)
Initial Investor (pre-ico): 130 million (13%)
Reserved for development team: 50 million (5%)
Taxes and others: 20 million (2%)
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