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UTRUST is a revolutionary new payment platform. This will allow you to pay for services and products with your favorite cryptocurrency. The platform will directly provide security vendors, easy-to-get funds in currency, intuitive simplicity and ease of development, new and experienced users need to quickly master and love, and one of the most important advantages is that this platform will give consumers better . Protection for them, acting as a verified intermediary, which you can truly trust. UTRUST combine all the best payment protection features of the current fiat currency system and innovative features of all your favorite blockbuster and combine unique functions with your own token.

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UTRUST's most important goals and tasks are protection and security for site users, protecting visitors and platform participants from the huge volatility and variability of the crypto currency market.

UTRUST gives buyers the opportunity to pay for goods or services using some crypto fiber that will soon be converted into paper currency with low commissions per conversion or even a zero conversion fee with a UTRUST token . Funds are protected from payments until the goods or services are overloaded by the buyer. All payments received by the seller will be converted into currency to protect them from market price fluctuations.

The platform will be built on top of the crypto eethumum currency, which is one of the most promising and powerful. This is a platform for smart contracting, which is increasingly being used when starting cryptoswitch. For Utrust ecosystem needs, an ERC compatible marker 20 will be created.

One of the interesting features in UTRUST is the dynamic period holding mechanism. According to Emil and Alexander in their thesis of the financial system, the dynamic holding period, the results including the switching limit, is a more realistic way to build and balance the portfolio

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The launch of ICO according to preliminary data is scheduled for September 1, 2017.
The total number of tokens is 1,000,000,000,000 (1 billion).
The maximum goal UTRUST will try to achieve is $ 50,000,000. Discounts and bonuses will apply for Pre-ICO - 5%, so the sooner you have the desire and the opportunity to help this site, the more profitable it is for you. You can buy tokens for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereal (ETH). 1 token will cost $ 0.04.

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