Announcing Dark Matter!

Dark Matter (XDM) is the genesis token on the ION blockchain. The mother of all ION tokens. Just like the real Dark Matter, XDM features unique properties that make it an essential element in the ION ecosystem.

Revolutionary Store of Value

Dark Matter is a revolutionary way to store value. The XDM token supply diminishes with every transaction, making it a deflationary asset.

Its monetary policy alone is a valuable utility. Every portfolio should be balanced with Dark Matter as a hedge against inflation. Its supply is more predictable than gold. Its deflationary policy is steeper and more absolute than bitcoin.


Deflation Mechanism

Deflationary by protocol, every time you send XDM, 80% of the transaction fee gets burned. This incredible disappearing of token supply means that, with every XDM transaction on the ION blockchain, you own a greater share of the total Dark Matter.

Transactional Velocity

Just imagine what would happen if Dark Matter had additional uses that drove adoption, thereby multiplying transactional velocity. Then XDM would have two utility functions! The more Dark Matter gets used, the more gets burned. It would become a hyperdeflationary asset. More on that later!


Get Dark Matter

There’s just not gonna be much Dark Matter. Ever. The supply starts at only 71,000 tokens and it’s all downhill from there. Dark Matter’s scarcity gives it value.

Half of all Dark Matter will be given away in airdrops. There will also be a token sale. Register now to receive information about the upcoming airdrops and token sale at DarkMatter.info.

See the Dark Matter car in action!

Kasey Kahne will be racing the #95 ionomy Dark Matter car this weekend at the Quaker State 400 in Kentucky. Tune in to NBCSN at 8:30 pm EST on Saturday, July 14th to catch the action on US national TV. Here’s why race fans are drooling over the car’s eye-popping design!


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