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BitLumens is a blockchain-based company registered in Switzerland with the aim to bring solar power and water to far-off places with the application of Internet of Things (IoT). BitLumens provides environmental and social transformation for people in need and provide MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) in Latin Ameria.

Bitlumens distributes solar energy devices in areas where there is no access to electricity and connects it to block circuits. Using the device, people improve their credit score. Banks can access data using their own BLS BitLumens token and use it to issue microcredit to people who need it.

BitLumens is led by Veronica Garcia (CEO and Founder) who has experience as an investment consultant.

BitLumen's Goal

BitLumens’ goal is to create both good ROI in finance and measurable environment and social influence. BitLumens gathers KYC data (Know Your Customer data) for each customer while providing access to electricity and water worth renewable resources. BitLumens targets at providing solar energy in remote villages and hence contributes to reduce the emission of CO2 and health hazards, displacing kerosene lamps, disel generators, plastic, biomass and biofuels as lighting source, increasing customer savings, proliferating financial inclusion and in some cases providing employment.

BitLumens offers a digital platform which can be distributed, managed by consensus and off grid smart energy solutions in low resource households. With those purposes, BitLumens will contribute to the development of UN SDGs, especially Gender Equality and Climate Action, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Affordable and Clean Energy, Good Health and Well-being.

With the application of clean technologies to provide electric power, BitLumens is helping people in rural areas have a way to improve and their quality of life and businesses.


The developers of Bitlumens seek to solve the problem of electricity by offering a peer to peer platform where users will be able to access off-grid Solar Home Systems. What this does is that, it reduces carbon emission. In addition to this, it offers electricity to places that have no power grid.

Users will be able to lease Solar Home Systems through an install mental payment of Bitlumens to create a measurable social and environmental impact.

Through the use of Bitlumens, remote villages will be able to enjoy solar energy and reduce CO2 emission into the atmosphere. Consequently reducing the health and environmental hazard associated with the gas.

• Creating an affordable and clean energy

• Creating sustainable cities and communities

• Providing good health and well-being

• Contributing to gender equality and climate action

You can read the details of how the Solar Home System (SHS) works in the Bitlumens Whitepaper. Now, let’s talk about the reason you’re reading this article.

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The devices produce clean, zero-emission electricity and have an immediate impact on people's quality of life. In the future, devices can be interconnected to form micro electrical grids in places without electricity, allowing people to exchange energy within their communities.


The devices form micro-networks in places without existing infrastructure. Our innovative software collects data and sends it to the block chain. Individuals may choose to make this data available to banks for microcredit and other financial services. Banks will gain access to more than a billion people who need a bank account.


Devices can be locked when users are late with their monthly fees. This provides the necessary security to issue microcredits. On the other hand, users have full control over their data. Only they decide who can access and use it.

How Does BitLumens Work?

BitLumens brings to users an eco-friendly IoT devices to supply energy and water to unbanked places which do not have a power grid. The hardware and collect the payments will be installed by the agents of BitLumens.

The company will use the application to collect information about the consumption of each user and know how much to charge for each one of the team.

The company has already started its first pilot program and its mobile app in beta phase. There is a second pilot test scheduled for the end of the first half of the year. The rest of the improvements made by the company will be mostly made until the end of 2018.


Affordable access to safe, environmentally friendly and reliable electricity.

Access to microloans and other financial services for billions of unbanked people.

Avoid expensive remittance fees usually charged for micro-lending.

Every token represents a portfolio of microloans collateralized by our hardware.

Contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


BitLumens distributes solar power devices in areas without a power-grid and connects them to the blockchain. By applying those devices, people build up credit scores. Banks can access the data by using BitLumens tokens (symbol: BLS) and use it to issue microcredits to those who urgently need them.

Token - BLS

Platform - Ethereum

Accepting - ETH, Fiat.

Hard cap - 25,000,000 USD

The BLS token is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain

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In order to access the Bitlumens SaaS (Software as a Service) you need BLS. This Software includes a Decentralized digital database that holds device specific information such as credit information based on payment history. It also stores other environmental and pollution data collected by sensors in the devices. By using the devices, people build up credit scores. Banks can access the data by using Bitlumens own token BLS and use it to issue micro-credit option to those who need to build good payment history.


Currently, Bitlumens follows these milestones in Latin America:

The deployment of 100 off grid solar devices by the end of April 2018 in Guatemala. We are already training the agents who are the distributors of the off grid solar devices.

Adding the software to run the hardware using BLS tokens by the end of May.

The deployment of IoT to track carbon and black carbon mitigation.

After June we will be adding solar pumps into operational locations.
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