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The cryptocurrency world has experienced such an enormous and explosive growth in recent years
that no existing crypto exchange is capable of swallowing it. One coin is trading on one exchange,
another coin is on another, but there is no one and single place for all coins. But we are providing one
single place and platform to trade all existing coins and we know exactly how to implement this in

Our idea is simple - and extremely complex at the same time. We know clearly how to become the
hub of liquidity and central crypto exchange. Our top priority tasks are filling orders with highest
possible speed at most attractive bid/ask prices and providing the convenience of all trading
instruments in demand. Our advantage is 20 years of successful practical experience in this field on
traditional stock, futures and options exchanges and technically perfectly skilled programmers team.
Knowledge and speed of implementation are our friends to keep competitors behind at a safe distance.
The time has come to bring the full force and scope of traditional financial market's instruments into
cryptocurrency niche such as:
 Higher liquidity
 Cross-rates
 All possible types of orders such as stop loss and conditional ones based on technical
 Futures
 Leverage
 Options
 Indexes and ETFs
 Investors and managers
Out-of-the-box. In one trading platform. And what’s more important, we’re giving freedom to
everyone to gain from any role they want to pick in this new forming reality.

To remove coin exchange commission?
You will get 100% free trade commissions every month in the amount of 100 times more than your current STE token value.
Get Ability to redeem tremendous cross counts?
We will provide the best price worldwide for thousands of cross rates.
Get access to the greatest liquidity in the market?
We will run sophisticated market-making algorithms that will provide better Liquidity than ever before and will give users the ability to become market makers.
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Reasons you should invest
to keep following this project from the beginning
You will earn 100% commissions free each month in the amount of 100 times more than your own subscription (the current 30 day SMA of the market value of STeX tokens is used for this purpose) in the form of rebates.
Advanced benefits for original ICO customers — You will get a 20% bonus from commission distribution as long as you keep the original token distributed. Tokens, buying after ICO on the open market, do not have this advantage. This means that tokens, unchanging owners, share 20% of commission distributions between them, and over time the number of purchase tokens that will initially share an ever-increasing share of the distribution.
After this 20% distribution, we will distribute the remaining commissions (80%) of all tokens, including original ICO tokens.
How to hack our system? You may link unlimited trading accounts to your token holding account and use the features mentioned in paragraph 1 as the referral system, the above mentioned sharing commission rebates at a rate of 95% / 5% with any affiliate account.
And yes! We will distribute all 100% commissions collected among our shareholders, excluding regular, weekly or monthly fees.

We designed our token in such a way that it could fully support the whole life cycle of our DAO. Such
measures have been undertaken in order to make sure the price of STE token would continually
strengthen and grow. First, presale investors will get 10% of the tokens sold during ICO. Second, the
price would double from the very start of ICO and, after 20% of tokens is distributed, the price will
double once every 5% of tokens is sold. We also provided the way to benefit the most using our
partnership and distribution program after STeX.Exchange starts functioning and generating
Investor advantages:

  1. Fixed token supply of 100,000,000 STE (8 decimals) with no possibility of additional
    emission. You can rest assured no extra tokens will ever appear in the circulation. We
    deliberately excluded such a scenario. After ICO we will burn unsold tokens. This provision is
    made in the DAO contract.
  2. Transparent Phase 1 (Presale) terms with the minimum limit of 1000 ETH and
    maximum cap of 15,000 ETH to raise. The cap during presale phase is needed to make sure
    that presale investors' shares are not diluted during the ICO phase. This provision is made in
    the DAO contract.
  3. Presale investors are generously rewarded for early contribution and will get 10% of the
    funds raised during the next ICO. For example, if we raise 2,500 ETH during presale and
    250,000 ETH during ICO, 25,000 ETH will be distributed among the presale investors. That is
    10 times more than you invested and 1,000% return on investment. We are planning to begin
    ICO after 1-2 months after presale phase. This provision is made in the DAO contract.
  4. If the minimum limit is not reached during Phase 1 (presale) all ether is returned to
    investors automatically. This provision is made in the DAO contract.

For more information contact
Bitcointalk Profile:;u=663953