The EON foundation has been at the front side of the minds of gaming worried virtual money fans for quite some moment now. The platform has completed huge work to popularize the plan of gaming on the block tech, and some of their most recent attempts have made quite the stir in an already pleased community of digital money gaming.

Sometimes earlier, the firm released a statement regarding their attention in the making of the EON Protocol. The Protocol is an actual meant to help to match creators with gamers who may be interested in trying their video game.
The EON protocol would be new in a series of progress essential to the efficient features of the EON platform, a centralized gaming platform and network being rolled out by the firm. The firm concluded a huge fundraising movement by winning 5 million USD in funding by a range of sources. Almost amazingly, the EON foundation did not raise currency by applying the most famous way to block startups, ICO. In its place, the firm gained access to main capital via 3 main project capitalist sources: Wei Guo, Cherubic Ventures, and Feng Li.

All 3 investors have an age of successful speculation within the digital money community. This most successful and most prominent instance between this team of excited collaborator is Feng Li, he is best and knows for his early invest in Ripple and Coin base, 2 of the most successful firms yet to come from block tech. the collaboration of this trio, consequently, is a huge win for the EON foundation in the way to developing an innovative new platform.

The EON Platform
The EON Platform is a necessary component of the EON Platform which the firm has been working on for fairly some time. It's supposed to be openly accessible and comprised of intelligent agreements that link jointly both gamers and developers. Furthermore, the ecosystem can be used to up the easiness with which developers are capable to start on their own games on the ever-boosting block-chains. The block-chains upon which video games can be issued will also make bigger periodically, according to the corporation.

A fact study of the present development of the company’s sole network in the act is Crypto Alpaca; a smash hit video game which has before now garnered 200k exclusive registrations. The game lets its gamers to breed alpacas jointly and accepts both ETH and EON tokens for buying in-game.

Furthermore, the platform has seen the production of AR Cat, one more pet simulation video game which uses augmented realism and accepts absolutely EON tokens. The platform is excited about the next of these amazing games, its asset partners frequently outlining their attention to the growth of new block-chain games for an eager market applying the EON Platform’s innovations.

Future Development of ENO
EON Foundation is not only in their work to develop a new generation of video games on the block-chain. Its asset partners, as-well-as an advising group including collaborators at Facebook, Zynga gaming, and the USC Game-Pipe Lab, are working deeply with the corporation’s heads to additional build the technology.

Moving ahead, consumers should wait for more work to be placed into the expansion of the EON Protocol, as-well-as development to be made regarding its combination into the existing technological framework previously being designed by the EON Foundation.

Today the game market is worth billions of assets and brings a gigantic income. The AVG worth of single mobile game is $15. Great Corporation attracts a lot of users, while little studios often stay behind in their shadow, as they do not so far have the means to promote and attract clients.

EON platform is the game platform powered by the block-chain. The scheme is developed in Palo Alto and is developed to empower programmer so that they can make more games for the platform consumers. Gamers will find easier enormous games and creators can more simply deal out their creation via the EON platform applying EON tokens.

The project team
The team earlier developed the game Crypto Alpaca, and currently represents the EON centralized game platform.

• Aron Lyu – has been trading with BTC since 2012, led Byte dance (USA), and graduated from the Stanford Uni.
• Will Lee – He was the chief manager in Tik Tok and DouYin (the primary worldwide ICO) and the manager of Byte dance, founder of We-chat and Weibo KOL agency.
• Tao Hu – A successful serial capitalist, stood at the sources of Oculus (FB), graduated from the UNI of South California and majoring in “computer science”
• One of the platform’s consultants is Dr. Michael Zyda, CEO, and founder of the USC Game Pipe, which developed games with 2 and a half billion gamers and a 100 billion USD in revenue. He’s also a White House Office advisor and director of America's Army computer Game.

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