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A storm has hit the investment market which we are not going to recover from. Crypto investment is that storm. With strict capital controls in place by most countries to control the flow of money and charge high taxes, cryptocurrency gained usage in circumventing capital controls and taxes, leading to an increase in demand. Cryptocurrency has been able to present an easy to use digital alternative to fiat currencies. Offering frictionless transactions and inflation control, investors have been prudent enough to add these currencies in their diversified portfolios as an asset, as the size of the market does not represent a systemic risk. Cryptocurrency employs the use of cryptography that assures high-security processes and verifies transactions personal to each user. Hence, counterfeiting and anonymous transactions are impossible to achieve.

While this revolution is gaining wide acceptance, Kimera, a project that envisions to move humanity to a different dimension where people will have intelligent things such as machines around them that can comprehend each individual, anticipate their goals and aid them in everyday life has arrived.

Now that I have your attention, let’s get right to it.

What exactly is KIMERA?

Kimera commenced developing its AGI technology by providing of solution to a simple scientific query: "what is intelligence?" - The solution led us to develop a preferred concept of intelligence. A concept, grounded in physics, which postulates that intelligence is the method of converting the composition of space-time. This is the premise of kimera AGI system.

Kimera uses it’s AGI that allows you to make gadgets intelligent enough to permit proactive peer-to-peer connections. This gets rid of our dependencies on middlemen like facebook and google.

Kimera desires to improve human development with the aid of solving human challenges situations we are facing as a species and disrupting an economic model which currently disproportionally benefit the wealthy people.

The company intended to organize crowdsale and the fund raised from an initial coin providing (ico) will be channel and power this vision by integrating two technologies: artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and Blockchain smart contracts.


The vision of Kimera is to move humanity to another level where people will be surrounded by intelligent things that can understand each individual, anticipate their goals and proactively assist them in everyday life.


Kimera’s mission is to empower Global Intelligence by designing an entire ecosystem that encourages users, developers, network operators, device manufacturers, and others to participate in the network.


The problem is that users solely depended on middlemen companies such as Facebook and Google where they were taking a piece of the revenue with each transaction but generate over USD 4 TRILLION annually, amounting to 5% of the entire annual World GDP.

These middlemen companies are thriving because they are currently the only viable means for providing users the data they want.


With Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), the need for these middlemen will be eliminated. Kimera's technology will integrate AGI at the device and network level to directly establish peer-to-peer connections between users, devices and data.


Kimera will offer a lot of merits to users by:

• Monitoring reality through the user’s devices.

• Establishing cause and effect space time models

• Performing all the work humans used to do hence making life easier.

• Causing change across the globe to help users achieve their goals.


• Kimera has proactive solutions to give answers to users.

• On Blockchain, AGI will utilize proof of consensus blockchain between the AGI Nodes.

• To earn tokens, users and developers will be paid monthly in tokens

• In terms of privacy, users will have absolutely control over their own data through open source agent.


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The vision of Kimera is to combine two advanced products of technology that is blockchain smart contracts and Artificial General Intelligence to enhance the life of human beings in health and finance. Several research work has been done on Artificial Intelligence since 2005 and have undergone several reviews worldwide. This better puts Kimera Systems in a better position looking at their research work and the level of experience they have gained through this several years of study.

The basic concept of Kimera Systems in terms of Artificial General Intelligence is the use of a single algorithm to solve virtually any problem. The idea and concept of Artificial General Intelligence which sometimes receives so many doubtful views but Kimera Systems is determined to make a change and it has the support of Rochester Institute of Technology which has stated publicly that it will be the first university to inculcate the AGI made by Kimera Systems into its teaching and research programs.

Rochester Institute of Technology has reviewed the the scientific theory behind Kimera’s technology, looking at the algorithm supporting it and the technical structure. Kimera’s AGI will be used in faculty and graduate research in Rochester Institute of Technology.

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The Nigel Ecosystem

The Nigel AGI ecosystem comprises three layers:

AGI Layer (aka Cognition Engine)

Personal Data Layer (aka Personal Cloud)

Sensor Data Layer (aka Device Layer)

Cognition Engine

Nigel learns through a Cause - Effect algorithm. eg. It observes that people mute their phones when they go into a cinema.

Cause: Go into Cinema.

Effect: Mute phone.

The Nigel ecosystem comprises multiple Nodes, where each node is capable of learning something independently as it interacts with the Agents (devices) it comes in contact with. The greater the number of Agents available, the quicker Nigel can learn, which is why incentivised usage is being implemented - to accelerate the adoption of the system.

Within 2-3 years, Kimera hopes to have tens of thousands on nodes around the globe.

The nodes also interact with each other, sharing what they’ve learned and establishing “knowledge” through a Proof of Consensus protocol via the underlying blockchain technology. Nigel can then apply that knowledge elsewhere within the ecosystem. For example, as Nigel observes that people turn their phones to silent at Movie Cinema A, it starts to automatically mute their phones on subsequent visits. Nigel can then apply that knowledge to other people who attend Movie Cinema B, C, D, etc. elsewhere in the world.

The greater the number of nodes, the safer the Nigel ecosystem becomes. A majority (50%+1) of the nodes need to be in agreement for Nigel to learn a piece of knowledge, so it makes it harder to teach Nigel false information if there are lots of nodes. This is another reason why blockchain technology’s inherent security and immutability is so important to the future development of the project. It will prevent any government or company (including Kimera) from using Nigel for malicious purposes.

Personal Cloud

Unlike the corporate middlemen like Facebook and Google, the Nigel ecosystem keeps your personal data exactly that - personal, by having personal data kept in a separate ‘layer’ to the AGI (knowledge) layer. Personal data - information specifically about the user - is kept in a personal cloud and is not shared throughout the general Nigel ecosystem.

Device Layer

This comprises all your devices (phones, tablets, smart TV, Smart Watch, etc) connected to Nigel. The sensor data from all these devices is gathered together so Nigel can try and understand what your personal needs and goals are and hopefully help you where possible.

Value Proposition of NIGEL AGI

• More superior than traditional Artificial Intelligent

• It is the "brain" while apps and gadgets are just like the body

• Transfer Learning across domains


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Kimera token symbol – Kimera

Token Standard – ERC20 (Ethereum)

Tokens Issued – 2,000,000,000 Kimera

Tokens Available for ICO – 1,000,000,000 Kimera

Private Sale (Sold Out) – 7,900,000 Kimera

Promotional Pre-sale – 25,000,000 Kimera

Pre-Sale (100% Bonus) – 500,000,000 Kimera

Public Sale – 467,100,000 Kimera

The KIMERA ICO starts – June 2018


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ICO – 50%

Team – 20%

ICO Partners – 5%

Nigel fund – 20%

Locked – 5%


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Acquisitions – 22%

Infrastructure – 3%

Operations / Development – 62%

Marketing – 8%

Legal – 5%


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2005: Start of Research – Artificial General Intelligence and Future Economics

2007: Early non-AGI incarnation brought to market under “GoLife Mobile”

2010: First prototype of AGI functional

2012: AGI technology more mature, Kimera Systems, Inc. incorporated in Oregon, USA

2015: Telecom Council of Silicon Valley nominates Kimera as the most disruptive startup

Q2 2016: Seed funding closed (~$500k)

Q3 2016: 1st Beta test conducted - ~20 people in Portland, OR

Q2 2017: ICO plans adopted by Board of Directors

Q1 2018: Private pre-sale oversubscribed

Q1 2018: Rochester Institute of Technology announces they will take in Nigel AGI for research

Q3 2018: First app and SDK acquisitions

Q4 2018: First app integration complete

1H 2019: Agent Open Source Code available

2H 2019: AGI Node available

2H 2019: Revenue target - $3 million annualized

1H 2020: 1,000 AGI Nodes globally

2H 2020: First device manufacturer partnership

2H 2020: Revenue target - $10 million annualize


Mounir Shita – Chief Executive Officer

James Whitley – Chief Operating Officer

Nicholas Gilman – Chief Sales Officer

Carl Johnson – Head of Product

Stephen Hall – Head of Engineering

Gabriele Viebach – Head of International Relations

Miika Mantyvaara – Vpof Business Development

Simen Burud – Senior Software Engineer

Will Mayal – Senior Database Engineer

Frank Torres – Senior Software Engineer

Adam Peer – Head of Marketing

Morgan Ferguson, PhD – Head of Staff & Science

Kartik Gada – ICO Advisor & Stanford University Lecturer

Faris Mubarak – Marketing Consultant, CEO of Tribe Media

Zilkria Hagigi – Marketing Consultant & CD of Tribe Medi


Kartik Gada – ICO Advisor & Standard Lecturer

Professor DR. Jan Vom Brocke – ICO & Token Economics Advisor

Dushan Spalevich – ICO Advisor

Andrew Shishkin – Smart Contract Advisor

Shahar Namer – ICO Advisor, CEO of the ICO Rocket

Rebecca Leach – International Business & Political Advisor

Faris Mubarak – Marketing Consultant, CEO of Tribe Media

Zikria Haqiqi – Marketing Consultant, Creative Director of Tribe Media

Josh Watson – ICO Marketing Advisor, COO of Tribe Media

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