Hello all, blockchain technology is a very popular technology and maybe in the future, it will be an ecosystem in the Virtual World or even bigger, blockchain will become the main feature in an internet network But nowadays because of a cheater this technology a little tarnished where many Investors are fooled. Therefore I am here to introduce a Project that created an innovative decentralization anti-fraud platform. and that platform is MyShield!

MyShield is a platform with a high confidence ecosystem, MyShield provides an ever-enhanced layer of security for the crypto currency ecosystem and ultimately for the entire e-commerce world. and here we supported by cyber intelligence and AI crowd wisdom.

The MyShield platform includes:

MyShield application
MyShield blockchain
AI powered Cyber Intelligence Providers
Enforcement services Providers
Guarantee providers
MyShield bounties
MyShield Trust Stamp
Watch the MyShield platform video introducing the confidence ecosystem, you will be amazed by the person who created this Platform.

With MyShield, the accreditation of the industry is placed back into the hands of crypto users by not only alerting them of different scams, but also rewarding those users who report potential scams and share them with other members.


It is no secret that online users are prone to many threats, particularly when it comes to crypto-transactions. MyShield creates an alliance between all its ecosystem participants, in a mission to fight online scams.

The ecosystem is based on a decentralized vote of trust, a consensus of trust, a technology based analysis of trust and a guarantee based on them. These are the pillars of the value that MyShield brings to the community – confidence in online transactions.

MyShield Ecosystem of Confidence

What is a MYSHIELD Token?

A MyShield token is a digital currency that will be used on the MyShield platform. There are 1 billion MyShield tokens available and there will be no inflations or additional creations of MyShield tokens.

Users interested to report scams and be rewarded from the bounty will be required to deposit tokens. If they are found right, the tokens will be returned in addition to their share of the bounty.

Intended to incentivize user to report scam, bounties will be created by MyShield, by companies and by users.

a basic level of guarantee and ability to gain bounties when found online scams.

On top of the basic guarantee provided in a Premium subscription, users can purchase guarantee programs for transactions.

MyShield Trust Seal and MyShield Trusted Wallet Seal: Companies can purchase this with MyShield tokens, 50% of tokens are paid to the validation officers of the seals.

MyShield will be issuing a finite amount of 1 billion MyShield tokens. There will be no inflations or additional issuances of MyShield tokens.

Token Distribution:

Phase - No. of tokens -%

Token offered for the public => 400,000,000 => 40%

Fund for future operations => 300,000,000 =>30%

Founders, team and shareholders => 200,000,000 => 20%

Guarantee fund => 50,000,000 => 5%

Reporting bounty => 45,000,000 => 4.5%

Campaign bounty => 5,000,000 => 0.5%

Total => 1,000,000,000 => 100%


Subject => % from net funds raised

User acquisition and marketing promotions => 30%
R & D => 30%
G & A => 25%
Sales => 15%

Up here explanation from me and for your investment security join now with MyShield here: https://www.myshield.com/ or want to know more about Bounty program click here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=179901.msg32931789#msg32931789. or visit MyShield Social Media below:


Link to Bct profile:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1393441