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I am going to tell you about a wonderful and amazing platform, I have never seen something like this before. With its help you can make bets with even more fun, meet new friends and conpare your results with others.

This is Mevu — a decentralized huge network which let people bet on anything they choose, whenever they choose and wherever they choose. You can bet who is better drinker, who is better golf or football player, who is going to lose weight first and so on and so forth. When you register in Mevu, you will have a chnce to find a lot of people to compete with all over the world.

Mevu is based on blockchain technlogy, which guarantees you transparency and absolute security — you can be sure that your money will stay with you and you will always get you payments quick and in time. Extremelly low fees and impressive speed is the result of elaminating any kind of intermediaries and third parties — no one will ever be on your way to the victory!

As this project is decentralized, you will not be interfered and nobody will have a right to cntrol you and your actions on the platform. Enjoy betting with your old and new friend without needless regulation!
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Moreover, mevu has issued their own tokens — mevu token or MVU. This will help the Mevu team to be sure that your bet is going to be done immediately and automatically. The MVU is a majot part of the system of the platform and players will need it for watching over their balance and share some interesting events with each other.

With the blockchain technology, Mevu uses the technology of smart contracts, I am sure you know what it is or at least have heard about it. With its help you will be able to atore your funds and the necessary data or informatuon you need, but nobody will see it. You will be provided with the absolute confidence and foster competitions, because players are matched versus each other, not versus machine. So you will get an experience of paying and trying to overcome complete stranger. We do not know what we can get fom another man, so it makes betting even more intriguing and exsiting.

If you are sick and tired of your friend who is always making you to participate in any kind of adventures and bets you do not want to be part of — recommend him to try his power at Mevu large society, who knows, maybe with your help he is going to be a champion!

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