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Businesses needs customers feedback to enable them operate in today's competitive business environment, Customers are the reason businesses survives, Knowing what the customers wants helps businesses to adjust their product and services to suite the customers even better and give them full customer satisfaction

But Over the year many business have struggled to reach across to their customers and get their feedback on the product and services they are using but they failed because customers are not willing to spend much of their time to give good feedback freely also businesses have no better ways to offer loyalty to the customers; But thanks to Blockchain and smart contract, with Gabrotech Project businesses can offer loyalty to their customers for giving their feedback, opinion, experience. Let's find out how Gabrotech will achieve this.

How does Gabrotech work?

Gabrotech is based on a decentralised protocol on the Ethereum Blockchain, the Gabrotech Protocol, to ensure that all participants can benefit and prevent any one actor to concentrate too much power and thus bend the system to its advantage.

Each Merchant partner who wishes to use the Gabrotech Protocol creates its own cryptocurrency (a Merchant Token) to reward their customers for their engagement. Merchant Tokens are initiated by purchasing Gabrotech Token (GBO) which are ERC20 tradable tokens, have a limited supply and will be created during a public crowd sale (ICO).

Customers then have the following opportunities when making a purchase to a merchant using the Gabrotech Protocol:

Enjoy earning tradable cryptocurrencies for being an awesome customer!

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