HyperQuant is the next generational, artificial intelligence based portfolio and asset management platform. Strategies of HyperQuant own more than billions of dollars of worth in a world where crypto fund investments have become the new financial trend. The unique and innovative architecture of the HyperQuant made it stay on the top among other significant numbers of competitors. Excluding all the traditional methods, HyperQuant introduces an opensource platform which has included with heavy advisory AI bots. Crypto Investors, traders, developers, institutional investors can equally benefit from numerous amount of new generational facilities for their respective works. HyperQuant has eliminated all of the present limitations like lack of transparency, closed structure, human dependency, limited range of strategies etc.

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HOW TO WORK HyperQuant?
HyperQuant's business model is based on an innovative approach that determines what's important and necessary for users. The concept of this business model is based on the high price, determining the method to get the price and ensure from the competitors. HyperQuant ecosystem creates an architecture that makes it possible to turn technology into actual Economic Value. Services created in the HyperQuant ecosystem have great potential for growth.
HyperQuant uses trading robots to handle operations in financial markets with a set of algorithms. Trading with the help of an algorithmic system has several advantages: to make decisions at maximum speed and to process needs at speeds that are not available to humans, automatically the accuracy of the message to allow entry to issues with Market demand settings.
Trading robots work precisely with established algorithms and used for operations. Cryptocurrency traders and token ownership are susceptible to feeds that cause irrational results. Trade strategies apply in any market, with anything and anytime. Algorithms are carefully typed and do not have wrong measurements due to uncertainty, responsibility, fear, and dissatisfaction. The basis of the algorithm is in the class division of strategy.
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Trading strategies and models have several classifications, as follows:
=> Trends of Trends Strategy: The main objective of this strategy is to perform operations operations with the aim of maintaining in the longest period of time. Strategy strategy for the success of financial instruments. Medium trend based indicators is the most popular strategy. Indicator is a function based on the values of indicators of statistical exchange, for example, the price of the official instrument. Table of contents and strategies in strategy Preparation of indicators and comparisons that are calculated among themselves with market value.
=> Counter-Trend Strategy: a strategy that reaches the expectations of significant price movements and consequent positions that open up in opposite directions. The assumption is the price will return to the average value. Different strategies for money are the highest prices.
=> Pattern Pattern Introduction: The purpose of this strategy is to classify objects in different categories. Image recognition tasks in a new, recognizable background to a particular class. Protects people who use candlestick patterns. The candlestick pattern is a certain combination of candlesticks. There are many candlestick models and assumptions about price movements that occur or appear on candlestick models. These assumptions are a strategy for the introduction of technical analysis.
=> Arbitrage Strategy: There are different types of Arbitrage strategies: Cross-Market Arbitrage and Statistical Arbitrage.
=> Machine learning strategies: The basis of machine learning is the modeling of historical data and the use of models to estimate future prices. One type of machine learning is classification.

To conduct the ICO, the developers of HyperQuant created the HQT token.In total, 320 million HQT tokens will be issued, which will be sold in two stages in may and June 2018. For 1 ETH during the main round of crowdsale HyperQuant you can buy 3500 HQT. Minimum target ICO HyperQuant (SoftCap) - 5000 ETH. HardCap - 41143 ETH. The investments collected on the ICO will be distributed as follows:

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Private sale : May - June, 2018
Public pre-sale : July, 2018
Ticker : HQT
Token type : ERC20
TGE Token Price : 1 HQT = 0.00028 ETH
1 ETH = 3500 HQT
Fundraising Goal : 41, 143 ETH
Total token supply : 320 000 000 HQT
Available for token sale : 45%
Country : Estonia
Accepting : ETH
Whitelist : Yes
KYC : Yes
Lock-up period : Team - 1 year after the Token Generation Event
Advisors - 6 months after the TGE
Bonus - 3 months after the TGE (each months 1/3 is unlocked)
Bonuses for institutional investors will be locked up to 6 months.
Unsold tokens : Frozen for 2 years.
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The HyperQuant team consists of 11 team members and 4 advisors.The founding team is made up of quant traders, IT professionals, and market analysts.According to CEO and co-founder Pavel Pavchenko, creating the HyperQuant platform was a direct result of the team’s combined experience. Pavchenko himself has more than 14 years’ experience as a successful trader. He has worked in investment companies as an independent quantitative trader, managed a large hedge fund and even took part in the creation of Russia’s second largest stock exchange.

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2015 - Original Idea

Coming up with idea
Market research
Concept evaluation with industry experts.
First Experiments
2016 - Platform Blueprint & Pre-Alpha
Preparing Whitepaper
Legal Paperwork
Developing Trading strategies and backtesting them on real market data.
Building connectors to crypto trading platform.
2017 - Alpha
Blockchain based investment plans
Mobile application for bot Management
Hyper Token Distribution
Smart order routing and fast order execution protocol
Trading bot market-place
2018 - Open beta
Market Data Storage
Quantitative Framework with Powerful SDK
Market Data vendor Unified protocol
Visual trading bot constructor (HQ script)
2019 - B2C Solutions & AI
Effective execution of big trading orders
Risk Management & Hedging Software
AI Financial Advisor based on big data & neuro network
Investment management software for crypto hedge funds

Website : https://hyperquant.net
Whitepaper : https://hyperquant.net/en/wp/
Medium : https://medium.com/hyperquant
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/hyperquant.net/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOgRfmQR-GKJlbnF1tRQPgw
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HyperQuant_net
BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2104362.0
Telegram: https://t.me/hyperquant

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