UooMAG is a decentralized digital magazine publishing platform optimized for smartphones, where the content of each magazine is personalized for readers, operating on a global scale. UooMAG takes advantage of decentralized global Freelance exchanges, editorials, production, advertising, etc. for work contracts with freelance contributors (journalists, writers, photographers, graphic designers, translators, etc.) and advertisers. Instantaneously we want to be informed and aware of whatever happens around us on a daily basis. This is the power of information, knowledge and experience through the accessible medium through which we know what happens in the world at large. Nothing is so profound as been informed and pre-informed in a better way about the world at large. This is the power UOoMaG provides for readers through its digital magazine network. 
UooMAG is the first global decentralization publishing project, and so you are involved in creating history. The keyword will run an optimized mobile platform. You will be able to come to your favorite releases via the App Store or Android Market. All this because the current state of digital publishing is very apprehensive and changes are needed to save our cultural part. On the Internet, it is possible to find various information, earn some money through social media, find a job, or read something interesting. The last part of this sentence is the essence of our story. We’ll be talking about publishing platforms for magazines, of course, digital on the Internet.

The uooMag platform consists of 2 parts: the smartphone App and the uooMAG publishing platform.
The smartphone app
The uooMAG app can be found in the Google Apps Store, Apple iTunes or the Microsoft App Store and the uooMAG App has 3 functionsTo collect user preferences — all information is manually entered by the user from the options list. With the addition of customized application development, certain information can be read from other sources such as; Bar code / QR code on the ticket.Offline page HTML5 / CSS reader for magazines that are personalized to read on smartphone.
Subscription options so readers can choose to accept further issues if they want to.

Publishing For Smartphones
UooMAG Publishing Platform
Decentralized Publishing 
Platform The uooMAG publishing platform will generate a personalized HTML magazine based on the selection criteria entered by the user.
UooMAG Global Decentralization Freelance Exchange 
UooMAG will take advantage of a decentralized global Freelance exchange. This is the marketplace for all freelancers to create Editorial content, which is set up in Blockchain.
The Advertising Platform 
The ad content will be categorized for personal criteria specific to both image and affiliate ad forms
The financial system 
uses financial software solutions on blockchain along with Custom API uooMAG with: Link to Advertising System — invoice to advertiser. Link to Editorial system — payment to freelance.

Payroll. Bill charges.
Everything, It’s about the uooMAG project that comes from a cryptovalut workshop by joining the old and new worlds, providing a future record of what we think will get rid of.
Companies that run Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C) can improve long-term customer relationships with targeted customer magazines including personalized content with no one size fits all, Advertisers can choose multiple versions of the same ad.
To reach specific readers to improve return on investment, this is achieved by using some simple selection criteria, such as Gender, Age Group, Choice Language, Location, Specific Interests, each reader receives a personal version of a digital magazine, assembled and shipped directly to their smartphone.
Utilizing Global Freelance Exchange, a marketplace for freelancers and publishers to work together on micro teams to trade articles, photos and graphics for publication. The uooMAG token is produced on the Wave Platform.
The uooMAG Foundation is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), run on Smart Contracts in Blockain Ethereal. All Tokoo uMMAG holders are rewarded with profit sharing every three months.
Solutions to Global Problems:

Customer Relationship Marketing.
How businesses (B2B and B2C) communicate and build long-term relationships with their existing customers.
One of the most effective methods is the Customer Magazine. Over the years businesses use print magazines to build relationships with customers. Recently there have been steps to use the PDF version of this magazine. To some extent it has worked. But this Customer Magazine should be public. It is often too common to have the desired impact.
Enter uooMAG. Decentralized digital magazine publishing platform. Its main feature is the ability to deliver personalized content to each reader based on some basic criteria. Gender, Age Range, Desired Language, Specific Interests, Location plus some other options.

In flight magazines
Current methods; In-flight print magazines in a seat pocket with no connection to you or where you are going.
uooMAG method; Digital magazines are downloaded to your smartphone. Every aspect of the magazine is special to you. This includes articles related to your goals, articles related to your specific holiday interests in those locations. Ads will be targeted by gender and age range. You can even shop through magazines.
In 2014, European airlines fly 900 million passengers to European destinations.

Car Owner Magazine
Current methods; Some auto manufacturers produce PDF-type magazines, but there are no specific references to you personally as they are very common, and usually focus on buying new models.
uooMAG method; Digital magazines are downloaded to your smartphone. Every aspect of the magazine is special to you.
Articles on getting more usage of the cars you have, not just articles about “buying a new car”. Articles that are specific to your interests, which may include family-related road safety, or motorsport such as F1 or Rally car races or salons. Articles on car trips, caravans / camping, city breaks, or long-distance tours.
By 2015, there are 291 million registered cars in Europe.
Fashion Magazine

Most online stores use direct email approach and bombard users with daily email — “buy me now”. You may be lucky and get emails related to gender, but not always. Some larger online stores produce PDF-type magazines, and some do produce certain genders and some in selected languages. But larger online stores have a budget to adjust.
Digital magazines are downloaded to your smartphone. Every aspect of the magazine is specific to you, gender, age range, preferred language, current location, specific brand associated, etc. Magazines have more pages than email, and are treated differently by users. If they subscribe to a magazine, and the target, they will read it.
The uooMAG platform specifically includes direct links to online stores, so readers can purchase items with a single tap. Unlike blogs that are randomly generated articles, Magazines have structure, and themes that give readers a more enjoyable reading experience.
ICO funding will enable uooMAG Foundation:
To develop uooMag decentralization publishing platform with additional functionality required to work with third-party blockchain services.
To implement global business development strategies and marketing strategies.
To continue the development of technology.

ABOUT Token Sale Details:
ICO Date: 1st September 2017–30th September 2017
Total Number of Tokens: 100,000,000 Tokens
Tokens in ICO Crowdfunding: 20,000,000 Tokens
Price per token 1 UMC token = 1 USD
Distribution Token:
Crowdsale: 20M
Team: 3M
Bounties: 250K (500K if 80% target reached by end of ICO)
To join Bounti Program here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2080731.0
Allocation of Crowdsale Tokens:
Technical Development: 40%
Business Development: 25%
Admin / Legal / Consulting: 10%
Cash in Bank: 15%
Exchange Liquidity: 10%

For More Information about this project:
Website: http://uoomag.io/
Whitepaper: http://uoomag.io/en/docs/uooMAG-whitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/uoomag_ico
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Telegram: https://t.me/uoomag
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