VALUS is a blockchain platform that will be based on the Ethereal platform. VALUS will allow customers to verify items via QR code and they will get basic information about the item being scanned (VALUS Verify). In the case of purchase of goods, the customer may register the ownership of the item (VALUS Ownership). If customers often buy goods online, they can check whether the sites they buy can be trusted. Existing customers can provide experience and also trademarks to verify websites. (VALUS Website).

Customers can also check whether brick and mortar stores are selling genuine goods. On the other hand, customers can help trademarks to reduce the number of manufacturers selling counterfeit goods and report it, customers will get VLS tokens (VALUS Stores) by exposing fake items. VALUS allows Trademarks to add an item into a blockchain. Trademarks aids items security and customers verification, Trademarks create safer purchase for customer by verifying the websites or retailers selling genuine items. Trademarks get report from customers about suspicious websites and stores. Stores are shut down due to identification of fake items through trademark.

The essence of Valus is that customers can check items through the QR code. The customer gets basic information such as the serial number, origin, previous owner (if any), whether the item was stolen or not and the history of this article again. (Valus Verify).
When they buy goods, customers have the opportunity to register ownership of the goods that actually belong to them. If the item is stolen, the customer can inform the item and mark it as stolen item. This means that if someone wants to check the status of the item, it will be seen on the Valus platform that this item is stolen (Valus Ownership).
Customers will have the option of checking if the website they are doing is trustworthy or not. Trademarks can verify that websites that sell original products, as well as previous customers, can provide feedback and experiences on websites (VALUS).

Commercial brand
The mark will add the element to the block chain. In this way they make the goods safer and also the customer can check these items. Trademarks help customers make safer and better purchases by checking websites and stores that sell real items. Brands also receive customer reports on suspicious websites and stores. If a brand determines that a website or store being reported is hurting customers, this website or store may be affixed.
Miners can gain a reputation in the mark-based marketplace for verification. Customers are safer when they make a purchase because they know that a verified reseller sells the original.

Crowdsale Details
Symbol Token: VLS 
Blockchain: Ethereum Platform 
Token Type: ERC20 
Token Presale Price: 1 VLS = $ 0.10 
Period of sale: 1.10.2017 12:00 UTC — 31.10.2017 20:00 UTC 
Minimum objective: 1,000,000 
Distributed in the crowdsale : 51% 
Signal distribution: after crowdsale in 30 days 
Supply of keys: Based on funds raised 
Crypto-currencies accepted: BTC and ETH

Crowdsale Bonus
The VALUS bond program is designed to support our first contributors with special bonuses.

  • In 48 hours (until 3 October at 12:00 UTC) after the crowdsale starts — 15% bonus (1 VLS = $ 0.085)
  • 1st week (October 12:00 UTC — October 8. 2017 23:59 UTC) — 10% bonus (1 VLS = 0.09 USD)
  • 2nd week (9 October 00:00 UTC — 15 October 2017 23:59 UTC) — 6% bonus (1 VLS = $ 0.094 USD)
  • 3rd week (16. October 00:00 UTC — 22. October 2017 23:59 UTC) — 3% bonus (1 VLS = $ 0.097 USD)

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