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International tourist arrivals surpassed the milestone of 1 billion tourists globally for the first time in 2012, emerging markets such as China, Russia and Brazil has significantly increased their spending over the previous decade. International tourism receipts grew to US$1.2 trillion in 2014, corresponding to an increase in real terms of 3.7% from 2013. This trend is expected to continue as the middle class in the world's emerging economies continue to grow.
The Tio Tour Guide is a platform for making Altcoin a norm in which trading benefits can be easy and accessible at all times without any restrictions. Furthermore, the vast importance of this move clearly defines the growth process in which tiotourguides holds for the market. . Tio Tour Network is Software Company with offices in Thailand and Hong Kong. As an idea Tio Tour Guides has been in the works since 2015.
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As the progress of science and technology blockchain is growing very rapidly in your life to the point that the world's messengers are probably most aware of it and so deeply the business world is a company that promotes their projects through advertising and so on now tour company tour guides do not want to lose they launch a project that offers tour tour services by developing blockcahin technology to provide convenience to every tourists who want to travel to a certain place or country TioTourGuides Social Network platform for Tour and Tour operational transactions,where they or their users can use this payment gateway to offer tourist tour programs to tourists who plans to tour in this project seeks to collect tourist information by combining the company
existing tourism in the world to be able to use this platform to pay or gain access to services Certainly the first crypto-based currencies be part of tour and tour guide
Destination TioTourGuides
1: promote the world of tourism by introducing various foreign and domestic travel products
2: introduces blockcahin based travel technology
3: provides convenience for travel payments with TIO tokens,
4: Can buy tickets onlen
5: to gain profit
To give ease of access to the web Tio Creating Social Networks with Mobile Applications, and digital currencies so that the tour operation any company in the world can easily connect with fellow tour companies and provide information about tourism
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About ICO
Total supply of Tio is 17,100,000 tokens
Amount available for sale during our PETS is 11,700,000.
Amount kept for Bounty Campaigns is 3,400,000 Balance of 2,000,000 will be held back by the company.
Our PETS will be processed in 10 Batches priced as follows: Initial 20% = 2,340,000 is priced at 2,535 Tio per 1 Eth
2nd Batch of 2,340,000 is priced at 2,028 Tio per 1 Eth
3rd Batch of 936,000 is priced at 1,622 Tio per 1 Eth
4th Batch of 936,000 is priced at 1,297 Tio per 1
Eth 5th Batch of 936,000 is priced at 1,038 tio per 1 Eth
6th batch of 936,000 is priced at 830 Tio per 1 Eth
7th Batch of 936,000 is priced at 664 Tio per 1 Eth
8th Batch of 936,000 is priced at 531 Tio per 1 Eth
9th Batch o 936,000 is priced at 425 Tio per 1 Eth
Final Batch of 936,000 is priced at 340 Tio per 1 Eth Any tokens remaining will be kept at the company’s depository and sealed off for 6 Months. Our kick off price at the exchange will be 1 Eth = 200 Tio token

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