SNOVio is a decentralized platform for lead generation and sourcing. It works on the basis of blockchain technology and smart-contracts. The SNOVio blockchain framework enables and enhances the sale of lead to its users and token holders. It is a rewarding process for all users and investors, plus lead contributors on the platform. Its an awesome experience beyond limits such that SNOVio provides the viability and mobility of lead productivity sales in all spheres of the lead market. SNOVio use crowdsourcing data collection to grow database, this method of data collection puts step ahead of other lead generation services who depend on centralized models of data collection.
This is that a high-quality data is acquired by Snovio by offering incentives to individuals who provide and replace old data to protect the database.
In the internet world especially in marketing, the vast majority of the data of various internet users need to be based on what I need to present to people. The Snovio project aims to provide individuals with good service or even large companies to provide lead data that will help their business grow. The SNOVio platform provides the availability of trading and purchase of Lead tokens on a decentralized scale creating a sequence of market bargaining and profit maximization on a general note. It is the foundation for which SNOVio stands for and is tremendously exciting for all lead business people to enjoy. The modesty of these are beyond the compare of just selling and purchasing of lead. It is a crypto currencies users platform acquiring tokens on a decentralized scale through the enabling environment for flexible meeting of people and traders in the market.

By purchasing Snovio tokens, you are investing in a new, successful, and rapidly expanding project, as well as securing substantial privileges for your lead generation account as a token-holder.
Our unique, transparent model fairly distributes revenue from selling the data that contributors collect. You will be rewarded for adding new and apdating already existing leads in the platform.
Sourcing for HR departments and sales specialists. Access to a continuously-updated database. The ability to receive immediate notification about leads’ and candidates’ updated information

The search agent scans information from publicly-accessible web pages, passing along text-based and other information about leads from web pages, public databases, and/or open catalogues. With thousands of search bots, we can constantly update our information in real-time. simply, Search agents scan information from publicly accessible web pages, pass on text-based information and other information about directions from web pages, public databases, and / or open catalogs. With thousands of search bots, we can keep updating our information in real-time. Snovio’s decentralized web searches can scan and send data about potential customers, their expertise, work history, and interests, thus creating databases using information from open sources and accessible to the public. After that Snovio will find the connection between data points by cutting it and continuing to add its database.
Snovio’s decentralized web-search can scan and send data about potential customers, their skills, work histories, and interests, thus creating a database by using information from open, publicly-accessible source. Snovio will then discover connections between data points by intersecting them and continuously replenishing its database.

ICO will start on September 19 at 14:00 GMT+3 (Moscow time)
and run either for 30 days or till we raise the maximum cap of $15 million.
First-day investors will receive a bonus of 15% tokens to their purchases.
First-week investors will receive a bonus of 5% tokens to their purchase

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