The Tio Tour Guide is a platform for making Altcoin a norm in which trading benefits can be easy and accessible at all times without any restrictions. Furthermore, the vast importance of this move clearly defines the growth process in which tiotourguides holds for the market. . Tio Tour Network is Software Company with offices in Thailand and Hong Kong. As an idea Tio Tour Guides has been in the works since 2015.

Why is Tio here?
Take for example, While there are loads of sites for travel bookings and forums to post or document your travel history for public viewings, there is barely a stand out site or social network for the tour guides, tour operators and tourist to inter-connect, and of course there are no alternative payment platform/currencies other than flat currencies. So if for example, a prospective tourist was to find a great deal on flights and hotel, and had already read through the do’s and don’ts before traveling, finding a local tour guide to tailor to his/her needs with an easy ‘escrow-able’ digital payment gateway becomes a huge hassle. Most people resort to classifieds sites to find anonymous/unrated tour operators/tour guides/fellow tourist, which can be quite risky.
Now here is where the uniqueness of tio comes in; Tio Creates a Social Network with a mobile App, and a digital currency so that a tour operating
company anywhere in the world can easily connect with a fellow tour operating company, or a tourist can easily connect with a tour guide, or a fellow tourist and all services are easily paid/escrowed digitally via our token and payment system.
This is clearly why tiotourguides yields uniquely an approach to payment and receiving without restrictions to flexible transactions of any form on the platform. This is vastly a welcomed way through which tiotourguides navigates the Market. Thus, the growth of tourism from the middle world will increase making the flexibility of tiotourguides a medium with portable input and reliable for tourist in general. This is uniquely why tiotourguides provides easier flexible way in which tourist can transact on their trips.

TSX Token
Tio’s Token is called Tio which means travel in Thai. There will be a Total max supply of 17,100,000 Tio. This is the maximum amount of Tio that can be created. Tio’s will be an ERC20 Proof of Stake Crypto currency built on the Ethereum Blockchain. The ticker is TSx.
In summary and conclusion, The whole concept simply means that when tourist visits different countries, the flexible nature through which transactions and non-stranded issues with payment and funding will be a thing of the pass. This means that no need for carrying hard currencies on such trips in general. This is why tiotourguides provides the Altcoin platform exchange sequence and platform for tourists. Furthermore, tiotourguides hopes to provide tourists through its platform ways through which social media portal for checking tour sites and prices can be easily accessed through flexible payment methods. These method will enable and ensure that pre-bookings and planning for trip yields the tourists an avenue to easily plan in terms of expenditure and also security in general.

About ICO
Total supply of Tio is 17,100,000 tokens
Amount available for sale during our PETS is 11,700,000.
Amount kept for Bounty Campaigns is 3,400,000 Balance of 2,000,000 will be held back by the company.
Our PETS will be processed in 10 Batches priced as follows: Initial 20% = 2,340,000 is priced at 2,535 Tio per 1 Eth
2nd Batch of 2,340,000 is priced at 2,028 Tio per 1 Eth
3rd Batch of 936,000 is priced at 1,622 Tio per 1 Eth
4th Batch of 936,000 is priced at 1,297 Tio per 1
Eth 5th Batch of 936,000 is priced at 1,038 tio per 1 Eth
6th batch of 936,000 is priced at 830 Tio per 1 Eth
7th Batch of 936,000 is priced at 664 Tio per 1 Eth
8th Batch of 936,000 is priced at 531 Tio per 1 Eth
9th Batch o 936,000 is priced at 425 Tio per 1 Eth
Final Batch of 936,000 is priced at 340 Tio per 1 Eth Any tokens remaining will be kept at the company’s depository and sealed off for 6 Months. Our kick off price at the exchange will be 1 Eth = 200 Tio token

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