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A storm has hit the investment market which we are not going to recover from. Crypto investment is that storm. With strict capital controls in place by most countries to control the flow of money and charge high taxes, cryptocurrency gained usage in circumventing capital controls and taxes, leading to an increase in demand. Cryptocurrency has been able to present an easy to use digital alternative to fiat currencies. Offering frictionless transactions and inflation control, investors have been prudent enough to add these currencies in their diversified portfolios as an asset, as the size of the market does not represent a systemic risk. Cryptocurrency employs the use of cryptography that assures high-security processes and verifies transactions personal to each user. Hence, counterfeiting and anonymous transactions are impossible to achieve.

While this revolution is gaining wide acceptance, Impressio, a UK-based platform that is focused on investment opportunities has arrived.


Impressio is a UK-based platform that is focused on investment opportunities. The platform offers a unique strategy to invest so that their investors profit per hour. Obviously, this opens up new opportunities for the development of online business and high income for all comers. A promising field of work and considerable experience in narrow specialization allows us to maintain the high competition and gives us a leadership position in the market.

By utilizing the technology Blockchain, Impressio certainly want to give full confidence to users of this platform. Due to Blockchain technology, all transactions and secured data storage for replicated across the network blockchain so as to change one data then the hackers also have to change the same data on all the computers of other users in the same time. It is quite impossible to do. Blockchain is like a great book where all transactions are transparent and verifiable by everyone so as to ensure its credibility.

The Main Features of Impressio

Impressio platform disclose new opportunities for the online business and high income for all users. Promising areas of work and experience in the narrow specialization allows us to maintain the high competition and gives us a leadership position in the market.

Direct deposit enrollment

The deposit is credited within 1-3 confirmation and only rely on network speed and transaction costs.

Instant profit withdrawals

All requests from the user to withdraw funds directly and processed in an automated fashion.

Maximum data protection

Web platform are permanently protected from external threats and scanned daily for malicious code.

Regular accrual

Depending on the chosen investment strategy, earnings are accrued daily, hourly, or at the end of the term.

Dedicated servers

The team is developing all the functions on a dedicated server from a hosting provider of the most high quality.

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Impressio prides itself on understanding cryptocurrency and being available to the everyday investor with a convenience that has not been seen yet in the industry.There are many potential and existing cryptocurrency investors that understand the massive potential in the space, but simply do not have the time or energy to find the right investment opportunities. Impressio is happy to handle this for you.

This is why Impressio is such an attractive option. There is a saying, “don’t work for the money, but let the money work for you”, in the investment world. Impressio is dedicated to bringing you returns, whether it is daily, or even hourly! There simply isn’t another platform that is this committed to handling your money the right way.

Impressio also even offers you the opportunity to gain even more passive income through referrals. This way, while Impressio continues to grow your money, you can earn some income through spreading the word about a great platform that can help your friends and family become more financially independent. We understand that when it comes to your hard-earned money, that there are many options. There are many financial experts and advisers that will sell you on the advantages of investing with them, and why they have just the right stocks, in the right sector, tailor made for your risk-reward ratio. Impressio understands this completely, which is why they go out of their way to offer specific plans for investors and their needs.


Participation in leading Investment/Lending project

Stable profit accruals based on investment program with the possibility of daily/hourly withdrawals

Fast deposit transfer and instant processing of all withdrawal requests

Comprehensive approach to the development of programs to encourage active users

24/7 support and a quick solution to any questions that you may encounter


A unique code which is adaptable to any online platform with a high degree of protection

Use of automatic payment processing - API - with low commission

The ability to make mutual settlements in any liquid cryptocurrency or Impressio tokens

Constant support and updating of the software by experienced developers

High rates of partner reward for local and international Impressio promotion


Close and mutually beneficial cooperation with the Impressio development team

Guaranteed compensation for identifying software bugs and looking for solutions

The possibility of professional growth and obtaining required skills in the field of web development

Impressio Packages

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IMPR tokens will be used on the Impressio lending platform, where the platform earns money through commissions

The IMPR tokens will be sent automatically after you make your purchase, and all tokens that are not sold will be burned

After the ICO is over, IMPR tokens will be listed on both Binance and HitBTC after a week. There is a total supply of 100 million IMPR tokens.

Token Distribution

The following is the breakdown of the token distribution: 10 million of these tokens were sold in our private sale in January. The Impressio team holds another 10 million of the IMPR tokens. 20 million IMPR tokens have been reserved for the lending platform, with an additional 10 million IMPR tokens held in reserve. An additional 35 million tokens are available for public sale, with the remaining 15 million IMPR tokens meant for first bounty and airdrop. This adds up to the total of 100 million IMPR tokens.

Token Price and Bonuses

During our private sale, 1 IMPR token was 1 USD. In our public sale, this price does not change. However, the Impressio team would like to point out that there are bonuses offered for those investors interested in purchasing $10,000 worth of tokens or more. For those investors interested in purchasing $50,000 in IMPR tokens or more, not only are bonuses are offered, but these investors are also given permission to access the lending platform.

Here is a link to the Bounty Thread, you can also participate to earn IMPR Tokens -

Bounty Allocation

Signature Bounty 30%

Translation 20%

Twitter 20%

Youtube/Blogging Bounty 20%

Telegram Bounty 10%

Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

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Disclaimer: This article was published in terms of the bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative but a supporter of this incredible project.