The amount of data that we produce ourselves or that are generated by the devices is a great layer of personal, social, and commercial information that can show others where we are going, what we are doing, and who we are with.
With the proliferation of distributed ledger technology (henceforth "blockchain") and the ability to store and process decentralized information, you have the ability to share information, and with whom you can not.
Do not trust information from a single source and rely on the authority of the company that stores it. Decentralized and secure storage around the world is the standard where the sole data owner does not care where he is stored at any given time.
There are many global companies around the world that have proven to offer cloud storage services (Amazon, Google, etc.) that are used by individuals and businesses of all sizes. They are tech giants; They guarantee safe storage and accessibility everywhere, which ensures the popularity of their services. However, you should always remember that your data is stored on a single enterprise server. If a third party exercises particular pressure, the information may be excluded from your current location without your consent.
We want to see the booming development of decentralized applications (hereinafter DApp) on existing and developed blockchain platforms that help their customers securely and reliably store data, issue commands that change the world, or make them a more convenient place for data storage tasks,
Casper API

Casper is a distributed file system file utility based on Ethereum and other blockchain platforms that support intelligent contracts.
The Blockchain platform is based on P2P networks, participants that provide resources for transactions and calculations. Casper adds a storage unit network to the Blockchain P2P platform, which provides the user with disk storage services while the storage unit ensures the network is functioning properly. Network storage units can be connected to multiple blockchain platforms (now we only use the Ethereal platform). Storage units can be connected to the network of people who have the right equipment in their homes, or to regional data centers who are interested in getting their inactive facilities up and running.
Selection of label blocks
With the power of all properties, the Ethereum platform was selected to create a Casper Service prototype. Currently, the Ethereum platform does not fully meet Casper's blockchain requirements. The Graphene platform is fully suitable for the production of Casper. If Ethereum is not developed at the time of prototype deployment, the user version is written for graphs.
Platform compliance criteria

Availability of smart contracts The Ethereum platform supports smart contracts in Turing-complete. Graphene platform does not support smart contract, however - Turing-complete language clever contract requires more detailed work while programming. Turing - the complete language of intelligent contracts Ethereum simplifies development.
Carrying out the transaction quickly good Graphene and Astraleum transactions in seconds are satisfactory for the service Casper.
3.e carrying out a large number of transactions per second Currently, Ethereal platform does not fit the performance of the platform, but the team Astraleum transition from the algorithm developed Pow PoS algorithm and severity of the approach to development and testing team allows us to believe that the application is being prepared. Pow algorithm is used to create the digital signature of blokchain protocol, so it is difficult to write the protocol. The rewrite limit is time-consuming calculations on computers that consume processor time. Due to the ever more complex encryption PoS algorithm log protect without rewriting time-consuming calculations. The transition to PoS should bring the etheric power to the appropriate level.
The reliability of the implementation of Graphene and Ethereal has increased.
Public credibility Both Graphene and Ethereal have a stable and independent mining community.
Ethereum Ethics Platform Description is the first platform to introduce Smart Contract. It was written by a talented team that quickly developed the platform and community blockchain in general. Etheric currency is ETH.
Description Casper API
Casper allows users to load random files into cloud services and later access them from any device.

Casper basic functions:
● Encoding files saved
● Upload files / high-level thanks to technology, peer-to-peer shared files
● Access data storage reasonable price

Casper API
API API Casper consists of intelligent and P2P APIs. Subset methods commonly heard by any API can be called the method and procedure of the service provider.
Interface Smart Contract: The general method 1. getPeers (sizeToStore) - get the IP address provided to save the file with a size ukuranToStore 2. sendevent (eventinfo) - user method 1. getDHTRoots () - get the IP address from the network manufacturer DHT Bootstrap 2. registerFreeSpace (tokenCount) - registration of providers and the number of tokens Casper allocate sufficient memory volume - user registration with an indication of the amount of CST a free space 3. Vendors Method 1. Register (tokenCount) to receive , 2. startValidation () - performs a validation, get the IP address of the provider for validation
Interface peer-to-peer: 1. General methods 1. AddFile (file) - upload new files to the computer manufacturer 2. Method 1. Update file (UUID, file) - Update files via 2 Loadfile UUID (UUID) - Download File by UUID 3. DeleteFile (UUID) - delete files by 4. Sharefile UUID (UUID, share settings - updated file permissions by UUID 3. vendor method 1. getHash (UUID, location, length, nonce) - computed hash the file fragments no additional number.
Description Casper API
Casper allows users to load random files into cloud services and later access them from any device.

Basic features of Casper:
● Coding stored files
● Uploading files / high-level with peer-to-peer technology
● Shared file access
● Ordinary storage of data rates

Encoding files ensures that data is kept confidential. Each file is coded prior to transmission on the user side, and only the user retains the encryption key. Only users can pass the encryption key to others to share access to the file.
Changes to the Blockchain Platform
Casper's peer-to-peer network is self-regulatory and independent of intelligent contracts. Network participants must validate each other's operations, and storage service users can contact vendors who do not have Smart Contract participation to perform most operations. Smart contract codes must coordinate the operation of network subscribers and receive notifications of essential billing procedures.
Future developments: decentralized calculation The
Casper storage network enables the generation of first DApps for mass users. Services that are arbitrarily complex due to technical limitations based on DApcannotot yet be developed. Messenger, social media, the processing of large amounts of data are too expensive.
Plan If you've considered creating DApp yourself, you know very well that the possibilities of blockchain technology could exist. We want you to focus all your efforts on the key benefits of your app, but not on developing your own storage utility. Our Casper API service can help you. Utilizing our utility ensures secure, decentralized and accessible DApp storage in terms of prices, which we believe will decrease each year, and allows you to reduce your costs to make your app a stronger player to make the market.
Work on weaknesses

Use another company's Bockchain
Proof-of-concept not done yet
Global task to change the thinking of users
Make Casper popular Casper
the competitor uses various applications, services, and social media for both daily operations and communication. We will also take the opportunity to tell our project the maximum number of people.
For all users who have CST in their wallet and activate it, we offer a free file storage service for the case 1CST = 1GB. This service is run on a Casper API basis and shows how good our utilities are.
Targeted Social Media
Consider that Facebook viewers reach 1.9 billion people this year, 700 million for Instagram and 100 million for UK. This is a perfect website that provides a variety of promotional tools to bring the required information. Carousels (video / photo sets), video promotions, advertising campaigns and more.
Promoting Popular Messengers
The increasingly popular Apostles have dozens of channel authors with compelling content that attracts many attentive and active customers. One of the most popular is the Chinese WeChat with a broad audience of 900 million users. This is not just a chat, but the whole system consists of solvency, books, etc.
Blockchain / cryptocurrencies / ITmedia Of course, we can not take into account the general and thorough overview of our products from the major Internet sources that cover global events every day from an IT perspective, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. The authoritative opinion of portal journalists will not only provide an opinion among potential Casper users but also receive feedback from people who are professionally involved in reviewing projects.
Road Shows, Conferences, Exhibitions
Following the ICO, we will compile a list of key global conferences and exhibits on blockchain technology, data storage, and protection, where our team is ready to answer questions in person.
Artem Koltsov Co-founder 6 years Legion Digital - Management of IT Development (APP Mobile, Web Sites) Head of the expert council for blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the Russian State Duma
Vitaly Chermensky
co-founder of 2 years works as Sales Dept. Chef at the Holiday Club OY (Finland) A great leadership experience in various business areas (Eurosib, Fogzy) Owner of the museum, interactive excursions in St. Petersburg. Petersburg graduate of ITMO University,

SPBSU Stanislav Kapulkin
Head of development mathematician programmer, studies mathematics and conducts research in cognitive psychology. Winners and participants of various competitions and start-ups in the field of IT and AR. In 2016 Imagine the co-organizers of the hackathon hackthebrain In 2015, the winner of the regional stage of the Cup, the winner of the Intel Real Sense Challenge 2014 participants in many IT conferences and regional hackathon hackathon The winner of hackathon HackCV in 2017. Year. Many times he lectured "theory of categories for agile development" ITMO graduate with a master's degree
Alyona Kolpashnikova
Project Manager 5 years of professional experience as project manager and product manager, ie Welltory Building processes in teams of 5 to 120 people. In-house and remote

Nurlan Tlegenov CMO 6 years in event and digital marketing
Member of the Expert Council for Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in the Russian State Duma Background: SPbSU, Economics and East Affair Department
Anton Cobac
CTO Since 2009 in robotics engineering Since 2014, established its own commercial robotics laboratory 2015 - second position in the best startup award after Business Petersburg, Young Millionaires Awards 2014-2017 - involved in work on innovative health devices, as well as movie Making technique in 360 format 2009, 2011 and 2012 winners of the All-Russian competitions in robotics and start-ups, such as Microsoft imagine cup (double winner on the regional stage) RoboFinist, participant of many technical and scientific conferences. Background: Baltic State Technical University "Voemeh" DFUstinov, mechatronics and robotics, diploma of excellence.

Vadim Batkin
Financial Adviser Founder of the consulting firm Senior Advisors. 11 years of experience, financial and strategy consulting, support venture, PE and M & A transactions for IT and Internet companies, commerce, wood industry, energy, advertising, freight, food, real estate and many others. St. Petersburg University of Economics (International Finance, Master) University of Grenoble (Management, Bachelor) University of Hamburg (MiBA). Diploma in accordance with IFRS DipIFR

Ao Khi Adviser
CEO Innosilicon Senior Software Architect at Micron Technologies Since 2006, he designs integrated circuits. A longtime partner of Huawei Hisilicon, ZTE, Daewoo Graduate of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Stanford University with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Art Management

Van Jiangan
Advisor Official representative of IBeLink in Russia Responsible for China with mutual funds

David Kang
Advisor Responsible for working in South Korea Angel Investors with Mutual Funds, Startup Mentor, Startup Advisor, UX / UI Designer, Marketer, Investment Advisor

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