is an e-commerce platform based on a block chain that aims to provide sellers, suppliers and customers with an effective channel for safe and convenient business. Traders are able to sell through the Trimpo trading platform and customers have the opportunity to access related services. The original platform already provides a trading platform where users can manage and sell their products through various online markets, such as eBay, Amazon and social networks, namely VK and Yandex.

What services does Trimpo offer? will provide the following set of services related to both sellers and potential customers.

  1. Tools and resources that a merchant will need to begin selling to e-commerce markets.
  2. Integration of trade services with social networking platforms and messengers.
  3. Deliveries receive a ready-made market, from where they can directly access customers through traders.
  4. The Trimpo market will allow customers to buy goods from several sellers regardless of their location.
  5. A content management system that simplifies the integration of your data with one click. Data export capabilities for CPC PPC. Portal Trimpo BigData allows you to analyze in detail the growth trends of electronic commerce. How Trimpo Online Shopping works Ecom Business Blockchain Coin Works.

Users first need to get a merchant account, depending on their category. For traders, they could list their products, specify the terms of sales and interact with customers through messages and reviews. Customers who want to buy will first need to buy a Trimpo token, which is the national currency of the ecosystem. The digital currency will go into buying goods that are the Trimpo market, paying for a fee and gain access to accessories price lists.

Advantages of Trimpo.
The growth of e-commerce with a connection to the world, Trimpo hopes to provide an alternative e-commerce system and, ultimately, to make a way out of the market.
Reducing costs due to the crypto currency Trimpo Marketplace significantly reduces the amount of fees of third-party intermediaries used with traditional sites.
Unlimited structure allows traders and customers from all over the world to buy and sell, thereby achieving trade globalization.
Providing analytics on the portal Trimpo BigData provides information information for sellers on any product.
Competitive price with several vendors in the Trimpo market, customers get the opportunity to choose the best value for their money.
Opportunities for generating revenue for clients within the CPA and CPC programs. Details of ICO Trimpo Token Pre-Sale begins May 15, 2018, until June 12, 2018 Soft Cap 2000 ETH

Hard Cap-5000 ETH
The main sale of ICO starts from June 22, 2018 to August 31, 2018

Hard Cap 125,000 ETH
Soft cover 30,000 ETH

Model ERC20
Price 1 TRIMPO 1/400 ETH
Total offer volume 500 million TRIMPO Purchase
requirements 1 token TRIMPO or 0,0025 ETH
Restrictions - No
Allocation of funds ICO:
Market development 30%
Marketing and sales 30%
Customer support 15%
Partner relationship 10%
Administration 5%
Legal fees 4%
Expenses 6% Is Is Trimpo a reasonable project?

With running, the ICOM Trimpo project looks like a legitimate competitor in the world of e-commerce. However, a significant concern is associated with the development team, because it seems less suitable for such an effective project. In general, the Trimpo concept has a solid foundation and can eventually become effective in the future. Detailed information: Website: Technical paper: Facebook: Twitter: https: // twitter .com / trimpopage Medium: BTT profile:;u=1019190