June 2, 2018 - @TheJadeCrow @IDC_inc

It's been a few weeks since the ION teams last hangout in which Adam Matlack, chief strategist of Ionomy.com highlighted a number of exciting milestones that developers were preparing for including an upcoming partnership for a MMORPG! Today we present an overview of Ionomy’s newest Hangout in which Matlack was back to tell us that the acquisition for their MMORPG has officially taken place and the future is looking bright! He also introduced a number of proposals the ION team has been working on which they’d like to see the community vote on and of course he teased the audience with a sneak peek into some of Ionomy’s newest developments!


The first proposal introduced by Adam Matlack is a soft fork happening in the next update if approved by the community which would see 6 million ION coins added to the total available supply. According to Matlack the team has determined production of ION is behind. To explain he cites Fig. 1, pointing out the first years issuance in terms of what should have happened (the creation of 12 million ION) and what actually happened (only 7.4 million ION were created).


If you look into the matter further you realize that during year 4 and 5 there will be a huge inflation rate drop off-8.5 %.

As such, the team has re-evaluated some of what they believe to be good monetary policy, their understanding of the flipping of nodes and the market as a whole. The outcome? A better understanding of how the coin should move forward and proposals 2, 3 and 4.

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Source: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@idcinc/another-ionomy-update-and-meetup-transcript-major-changes-proposed