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Introducing Maestro

Blockchain technology is undeniably changing the face of the digital music industry. However,
existing blockchain music services focus solely on improving established streaming and distribution
structures, and fail to address fundamental problems of the current industry. Future music products
developed with blockchain, unlike their predecessors, must utilize the technology to provide
innovative functions that revolutionize the music industry at its core.

Maestro (link to white paper) is building the new decentralized ecosystem for creators and audiences of the music industry. By eliminating the unnecessary third parties who are currently taking up to 40% of the generated revenue, the artists will earn the profit they rightfully deserve; the listeners will enjoy the music at lower cost.

Overall structural diagram of Maestro

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The platform provides two Dapps: Ensemble and Symphony.

Ensemble: the Crowdfunding Center for Artists and Fans

Ensemble will provide the artists a secure, transparent, and direct method of collecting funds for their new or existing projects. The fans who contribute to the project, on the other hand, will be able to directly engage with their favorite artist’s creative process. Maestro believes that such an ecosystem will benefit both sides and open new frontiers for artist-audience relationships.

Symphony: the Streaming Service for Creators and Consumers

Symphony will serve the world’s music industry with a fair and efficient distribution system. The creators, on one hand, will be able to take away the rightful share of profit they deserve. The consumers, on the other hand, will enjoy the same, seamless music streaming service with less cost. Empowered by Interplanetary File System(IPFS) that will function on the EOS network, Symphony will deliver high-quality music at the simple touch of a finger.

Funding and Token Distribution


MAEs are provided through snapshots of the wallets in Ensemble. Platform profits are allocated once per week. The Maestro team's goal is to decentralize the profit structure through blockchain technology. All platform profits are affected by the number of MAEs held. Unsold tokens will be
destroyed. Due to inflation, issuance of additional tokens is expected to take place once per year, and further issuance is prohibited as a rule.

Token Name - Maestro Token
Token Symbol - MAE
Price - 1 ETH = 10,000 MAE
Tokens for sale - 620,000,000 MAE
*Unsold tokens will be burned.

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Goals to Attain

Soft cap for ICO: None
Hard cap for ICO: 62,000 ETH

The Maestro team is under way with the project already, with KRW 500 million funding. Consequently, there is no set soft cap, and the project will proceed regardless of whether we
achieve the target amount or not. After the 2nd ICO, there will be no additional token sales.

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May, 2018
Proceed with advanced marketing for artists

June, 2018
Private sale for investment companies and early adopters
1st, 2nd ICO

July, 2018
Sign MOUs with major collaborating companies

November, 2018
Listed on the exchange
Release demo version v1.0
Complete 100 artist funding companies led by Maestro

May, 2019
Official launch of Mainnet Platform


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