STUFFGOGO is a new project which provides a totally different approach to online commerce allowing individuals to interact, make payments to one another without the need of a middleman in a decentralized form, that is theres no server. With this being being, there are no fees, no restrictions, no accounts to create, and you only reveal the personal information that you choose, so no fear of hacking or jeopardizing of privacy.

Features of STUFFGOGO
• SSG is Privacy and Security Centric. No big brother, no central server, no personal information capture and no data mining. Your data cannot be stolen or sold, because nobody other then you has it. Data is distributed across the nodes with redundancy and context based dynamic encryption
• SGG Ecosystem is Extremely Resilient, it can’t be disabled/turned off. No entity controls it and it is run by users similarly to most crypto currencies. Your product store will be online until you and only you decide to close it
• NO Fees and NO Restrictions. For most users, products and services it’s free for both buyers and sellers. No commissions, no fees. Arrange for local pickup or pay online with payment method of your choice including SGG tokens, or other crypto currencies. Since your data is only yours, we are not imposing any limitations and restrictions on items that can be bought and sold. The system is a community operated democracy
• User Experience Focused. Simple, Tidy, Efficient, Beautiful. We have top UX experts in our team. Our future roadmap includes snap-and-post super easy for-sale postings using computer vision algorithms already developed by us 9
• SGG / BTC Wallet integrated. We believe that lowering barrier to entry for non-crypto users to start using crypto for transactions through a wallet integration and friendly UI is a key adoption factor.
• Social Engagement – SGG ecosystem includes not only “Buy it now” listings, but also variety of auctions – Silent, Regular and Dutch. It also includes online classifieds materials, in a Craigslist style. Deleting boundaries between regular ecommerce and simple classifieds services will make SGG “go to” place for variety of selling/buying/leasing workflows.

Stuffgogo has a totally different approach and strategy to online marketing as said earlier, this includes;
• SGG is mobile first, PC second. Where OB is PC first
• SGG uses whole ecosystem to support your store. You can turn off your phone, but your items would still be for sale. OB slowly getting in this direction as well
• SGG focused on usability, “no geek required”. OB is not there
• SGG has integrated crypto wallets, user don't need to know what bitcoin or SGG token is to start using it. OB does not offer these
• SGG has build-in currency (SGG token) to enable huge internal bandwidth, no transaction fees and much more.
OB stands for OpenBazaar, OpenBazaar is a project pursuing liberation of P2P trades and early in the development SGG has been considering partnering with this project, but had to take a separate approach due OpenBazaar platform limitations and different priorities and goals.

Every participant in SGG ecosystem is a full node of the system, functioning as a Client, Server and a Router at the same time. Each node has associated with the app local storage that is integrated into a single distributed file system (IPFS alike). Every node has associated SGG token address and integrated logic and interface for payment exchange (Wallet).
Stuffgogo ecosystem consist of:
• iOS and Android StuffGoGo Apps. Using native scripting technology applications will share 95% of the same source code
• Integrated crypto Wallets for iOS/Android Apps (SGG, ETH, BTC)
• Distributed indexed storage with search. As a library to be build in Apps.
• Desktop in-browser client
• Images of Linux-based bootstrapping nodes for various platforms (amd64, i386, and arm) with node software installed to enable initial network functionality / persistence until sufficient number of users reached

Every application running on the network comprises of 3 main components:

  1. Connectivity, protocol and transport layer performing I/O operations
  2. Business logic in the form of open source smart contracts
  3. Distributed file system, local storage and all corresponding interfaces each app in the ecosystem contains open sourced contracts describing business logic of:
    • Basic buying/selling transactions.
    • Auctions: basic, silent, reverse
    • Refunds and returns workflows
    • Dispute resolutions
    • Domains purchases and SGG DNS services
    • Ads / paid listings / promotions

In conclusion, thinking of the profitability in stufgogo or how resources will be made, check out the following ways:
• There is a fee for a job posting and apartment listing
• Internal “domain names” or vanity tags can be purchased in auction for a branding purposes
• At a later stage – paid promotion of the listings
• Also at a later stage – build-in advertisements system

Stuffgogo in general is awesome and has a very fascinating concept which already conquered all arising problem as related to online commerce. About stuffgogo’s ICO, as posted in the previous post,

StuffGogo’s token is known as SGG token
ICO Start Date: Saturday, August 12, 2017 6:00 AM UTC
ICO End Date: Saturday, September 9, 2017 6:00 AM UTC
Total number of SGG Tokens issued: 1 000 000 000
Token Exchange rate: 5 000 SGG = 1 ETH
Minimum transaction amount: 500 SGG (0.1 ETH)
Maximum transaction amount: 15 000 000 SGG (3 000 ETH)
Bonus: in the first two days the participants will get a 20% tokens bonus
Bounty: 20 000 000 Tokens (2% of issuance)
Total Sale goal: 100 000 ETH Minimal Sale goal: 1 ETH
Token emission and distribution rules: 50% (500 million tokens) will be available to participants;
2% (20 million tokens) allocated for bounty
38% (380 million tokens) will remain in the SGG Global Foundation until the official exchange is launched, the tokens will be used to form a stable market and further development over the next five years.
10% (100 million tokens) will be distributed among team members; All collected funds shall be received and stored on wallets with multi-signatures.

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