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The current pensions system is based on outdated assumptions, is rife with conflicts of interest and lacks transparency and accountability. We are addressing that by designing from the ground-up solution that meets peoples’ needs.

The two aspects necessarily have to be brought together in a coherent protocol in order to create a future-proof solution that takes into account how we live, work and consume.

Akropolis is a technology platform designed to address deep-seated structural issues of the global pensions sector. It is designed to be a multi-jurisdictional platform for the delivery of pensions, social welfare and future benefits in a portable manner, that over time brings together individual end users and large institutional players in a new system of incentives.

Akropolis is a transparent, decentralized, accountable and mobile pension infrastructure. Ecosystem, which builds the project, is designed to make the system of pension payments more modern and fairer.

The Akropolis platform is designed to provide the users with the transition from the existing pension infrastructure to more flexible, transparent and accountable system. The basic services are free of charge, but the platform will also have expanded (premium) services, the list of which will increase as the platform develops.

The World Economic Forum believes that at the moment about 48% of the inhabitants of the Earth of old age do not receive a pension! It is worth noting that pension savings are growing every year, and if in 2015 the total amount of world savings was 70 trillion dollars, then by 2050 it is forecasted to reach 400 trillion dollars. Compounding the problem and making the pension funds inadequately effective are quite complex compensation structures that do not have an objective level of transparency.

The creators of the project believe that fair management, the integration of key participants, the creation of a high level of work of the funds will be possible through the use of blockchain technologies and the use of smart contract systems.


Akropolis has the ultimate aspiration of using blockchain in the development of a centralized pension platform with a variety of blockchains such as EOS, Cardano, and RSK to deliver a trustless range of retirement savings products. The leverage of recent technological development with a transparent, portable and accountable pension service to modern workers is one the Akropolis goals.

As a technology platform, Akropolis is designed to address some of the deep-seated structural issues experienced in today’s global pension sector. Akropolis also features a multi-jurisdictional platform for everyday delivery of pensions, future benefits and social welfare in a manner that is simple and in time brings together to new incentive system both end users and large institutional players.

The main users of the platform will be the private users (pension investors), pension funds, investment funds, asset tokenizers and external developers who will be rewarded for their contribution to improving the platform. The platform will form a holistic ecosystem around the global pension economy.

Individuals (pensioners) will be able to save and increase pension savings thanks to Acropolis. They will have a personal access key to the system and a personal account;

Commercial and public funds will be able to create their own infrastructure within the ecosystem and attract pensioners;

Fund managers will be able to manage placed assets from individuals and pension funds;

The task of intermediaries is to “digitize” real assets and confirm authenticity upon request. For example, an ordinary pensioner places the national currency in the Acropolis system, and the intermediary is obliged to issue tokens to the user for the amount of funds;

Developers in the form of individuals or companies will provide the development of convenient services for all users for withdrawal and Deposit of funds.

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There are several aspects of this platform that make it distinct such as:

  • This platform is designed to solve the pension deficit problem. As per Citigroup, there are government pension liabilities that are unfunded and often dwarf government debt.

  • Akropolis is designed to help rid the flaws by the transparent and immutable smart contract based platform which helps structure pension funds and transactions of the same.

  • Technology of this platform will help overcome the problems that lead to pension fund deposits. It helps to create a transparent system whereby future risks can be foreseen and thwarted or resilience built for the same.

  • Tokenization as well as harnessing the blockchain helps improve economic efficiency in the allocation of pension funds as well as reduce the middleman fees applicable.

  • Users of the framework have complete control of the pension fund account allocation, to check services and terms as well as transact or contact authorities with their queries.

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  • Provision of a pension record that is secure, immutable and transparent with ease of auditing and real-time feedback.

  • Secure peer to peer lending by leveraging the use of smart contracts.

  • Monetization of data by users

  • A portable, decentralized and single source of pension truth.

  • The same protocol for fee and performance reporting.

  • A transparent governance protocol and outcomes.

  • Presence of a ranking mechanism and incentivized accountability for pension funds to differentiate between good or bad actors.

  • A new source of capital pool such as cryptocurrencies.

  • A modern product and services that meets users’ needs for real-time data and feedback.

  • Tamper-proof data storage for transparency.

  • Singular onboarding event.

  • Easy verification of document and authentication of counterparties.


The total token supply is 900 million, and a token goes for $0.069. The hardcap is 25 million USD with a supply of 360 million tokens for sale. Token will be distributed to investors, teams, advisors, marketing team, and bounties. Two main tokens (Akropolis internal token and Akropolis external token) will be used on the platform. The external token is a fixed supply token whose price will be determined by market forces, while the external token is an arbitrary one. They are simply denoted as AIT and AKT respectively


  • Total Token Supply: 900,000,000

  • Hard Cap: $25,000,000

  • Maximum token amount for sale: 360,000,000

  • Maximum Token Amount for Sale (%): 40%

  • Token Price (USD/ETH rate locked 48 hours before the TGE): $0.069


  • Token Sale: 40% - 360,000,000

  • Advisors, Early supporters: 10% - 90,000,000

  • Marketing, Ecosystem Development: 10% - 90,000,000

  • Team (vesting in place): 20% - 180,000,000

  • Reserve Fund, Partnerships: 20% - 180,000,000

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