In today's world, virtually every business inclined personnel tries to predict the future trend of events. Investors and traders try to predict future share prices or company success to increase the profitability of investment deals, Political analysts try to predict the results of presidential elections, Corporations put a lot of resources into attempts to foresee future technological trends. Many of them have already used intellectual crowd-sourcing to undertake these tasks to a greater or lesser extent. But a major percentage of this turns out to be false in the future.
people are failing to predict the future correctly due to lack of full information and guidance. Normally a prediction made by an individual is far less accurate than collective individuals. Because the weighted average of decisions or predictions made by collective individuals (forecasters, analysts, professional experts) in most of the cases proved right and approximately correct to the future event. But still have a chance make an error due to a group of members may influence the decision making and it may result in the wrong side. THis brings me to cindicator.
Cindicator is a community-based decentralized infrastructure that utilizes the value of artificial + collective intelligence. The intelligence that blends the two intelligences between humans and machines is called HYBRID INTELLIGENCE. What is Hybrid Intelligence?

Hybrid intelligence is a combination of human intelligence with machine intelligence and its interaction in completing various tasks. One type of supplements intelligence and strengthen each other .The use of this type of intelligence and the development of related systems is determined by the complexity of the challenge.This is necessary when the data of a problem is largely unlimited. For example, business investment is a task with a large number of unknowns, so it is impossible to calculate the last variant .
Till now humans proved that they are more intelligent than machines in thinking uniquely and in deciding things. And now Artificial intelligence came into the picture to provide better solutions by analyzing previous experts data and analysis. Now Cindicator utilizing both intelligence in their platform to provide accurate data to the venture funds and others. The Hybrid Intelligence Platform, powered by Cindicator’s advanced technology infrastructure, provides a real-time market perspective. This Synergy Man and Machine allows the Cindicator Team and the CND token holder to make smarter decisions, based on data science, and produce results for our community. 
To remove all form of human error, Cindicator introducing democratizing the collective decision​ making and with this, the prediction of events will not be influenced in any manner. And AI helps to enhance the predictions by applying more analysis. Ultimately Cindicator platform will make a prediction accurately by eliminating human errors by using the machine learning algorithms. And not only this every day new people get into cryptocurrency significantly due to its exponential benefits like reduction in cost by eliminating the middleman completely in every transaction and providing more convenient than traditional systems, secured and not only this due to its benefits the crypto currencies are giving huge returns to the traders and investors. But as of now investors or traders are not able to decide when to invest and what are the market sentiments will affect the price of cryptocurrency significantly and they don’t how to react and when to react to this new type cryptocurrency.
By combining a large number of financial analysts and a series of machine learning models into a single system, CINDICATOR develops the Hybrid Intelligence infrastructure for efficient investor capital management in traditional financial and crypto markets.

The Benefits of Hybrid Intelligence for ecosystems and communities are as follows:
1.Technology infrastructure and analysis for efficient and secure investor capital management by the investor itself or a licensed manager

  1. An opportunity for analysts to monetize their intellectual assets without risking their own funds
  2. Tools and data to make investment decisions under conditions of market uncertainty
    4.Analysis of industry, expectations, opportunities, and market growth rate
    5.Index and rating of crypto assets.

Token holders will be able to access the following features in Cindicator platform
Indicators of traditional markets and crypto-markets.
Auxiliary service products for trading (Telegram and Slack bots)
Analytical products (ICO ratings, market condition analysis, ICO due
diligence, and investor portfolio analysis);
Market indices and sentiments generated by Hybrid Intelligence.

platforms such as Cindicator that will reconnect between one human with another human to work together to achieve a goal is a fun and exciting thing. Minimizing individualistic and egocentric bulkheads will greatly affect the quality of human life of the earth in the future. Therefore platforms like this are very feasible to get support.

Total tokens available for crowdsale: 1,500,000,000 CND
Token price 1 CND = $ 0.01
Max hardcap : $ 15,000,000
The crowd sale starts on 12th September 2017 and will end on 12th October 2017.

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