Crystal Clear Services brings the revolutionary future and the latest technology from the online industry to service offline service, which is commonly used in the service industry. The trend of today's technological world has made many breakthroughs to facilitate transactions in the online market. One of the revolutionary breakthroughs of cryptocurrency is done by Crystal Clear.
In the all-round world of technology, ease is a much-needed thing. Ease will make people - people can accelerate mobility. Ease can be done with the services provided Crystal clear. With Crystal clear everything is easy, shopping can be done by simply pressing the phone button, sending money can also be done, make a bill payment all done with the button of your mobile device. Crystal clear gives a lot of convenience with the advanced technology they have
Firstly, What is Crystal clear?
Crystal clear is a revolutionary breakthrough by using blockchain-based technology both online and offline. Crystal clear systems will be needed and useful in ordering various services, auctions, trades or used in making payments, all packed with crystal clear service.Crystal Clear will interfere with all your fingertip needs by using an easy and simple system to convince all users to order services and conduct auctions at a very profitable cost and facilitate all services, and provide feedback to them.
Crystal Clear project plans to revolutionize the local service industry and create a highly transparent blockchain based platform to serve all customers and service providers. This Crystal Clear platform includes the most intelligent displays and reminders, ratings and recommendations, ordering systems, escrow payments, and dispute resolution.
The future and the technologies that come with it are already on the threshold of our homes and will soon change all aspects of our real life. In all major cities, public offline services have been blessed by Crystal Clear Services. Crystal clear has had a long experience in providing services to its customers. 12 years Crystal clear has been with the community to provide various services that facilitate the community. This long experience makes them mature and the support of Crystal clear expert team is ready to look at the bright future with Crystal clear, so you can always count on them.

1.Decentralized Service System, meaning that no other parties can affect Crystal clear system. Everything belongs to you.

  1. Transaction and Price Transparency, meaning that any service performed is recorded in a non-editable blockchain-based and visible to others in real-time
  2. Escrow System and User Justice, meaning that with escrow system set Crystal clear, every risk of transaction of both parties will be lost. In addition, the court 's realization of 5 random and objective participants can be possible to solve problems and disagreements in tramsasksi
  3. Integrated Auctions System, meaning with Crystal clear system every participant is entitled to open the auction of services needed, and choose goods and services based on price and recommendation
  4. Global Blacklist, blacklist feature will facilitate users to get information to the participants who cheated to other parties. Such information will be conveyed to Crystal clear users to minimize fraud
  5. Popularize sophistication of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technology base.

All these already portray the convenience embedded in crystal clear. From the afforementioned, you can use Crystal Clear Services to find local service providers. You do an auction for local services.Then, you wait for the offer to appear from your service provider. You choose a bid that matches prices and reviews with provision and proceed for the project. Everything is managed through decentralization, the Autonomous system. Crystal Clear makes everything easy, so you just press a few buttons to do many things, such as; bookings, auctions, paid services and feedback. All of the services provided by Crystal Clear, such as: transport services, repairs - repair, health, security, computer and many more. This will be easy to access and easy to access.
With these amazing features, crystal clear has overcome a lot of problems which might tend to arise such as;
Inability to track the history of contractor coupled with the altered reviews which does not reflect the true competence level of the service provider.
Presence of intermediaries of service providers which makes it difficult to discern who is coming to execute the job.
Making advanced payments, and contractor absconds with the payment or unwillingness from customers to pay for services and any other customer-contractor related discrepancies
High cost of self advertisement by service providers which tends to be draining.
Absence of a global blacklist to circle out dishonest contractors.

In conclusion, CCS for both customers and bona fide executors. CCS will reduce fraud and dishonesty in the market of services to the public to a minimum, which will help increase the credibility of participants in the system and spur the rapid growth of high-quality services in the market.


Name: Crystal Clear Token (CCT) 
Centralized Token: ERC20 
Initial token issue: 10,000,000 
Token Price: 1 CCT = 0.01 ETH 
Platform: Ethereal

The period of the ICO is one month:
from 01 Sept 2017 12:00 UTC to 01 Oct 2017 12:00 UTC
CCT Tokens will be sold with the following bonuses:
The first hour is 40%
The first day - 30%
First week - 25%
The second week - 20%
The third week - 15%
Fourth week 10%
The planned amount is $ 5,000,000 Funds received on the ICO will be distributed as follows:

  • System development and further development - 50%
  • Global marketing and involvement of system participants - 25%
  • Financial and legal issues - 15%
  • Team and administrative resources - 10%

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