Digital Ticks - A First Ever Commodity - Crypto Exchange well designed by traders for traders. Digital Ticks Exchange is just not another crypto to crypto exchange but is also a semi-algorithm plaorm provider in its own. Digital Ticks Exchange plans to caterto all types of crypto assets as well as commodity to crypto assets. Digital Ticks Exchange would be power packed by a lot of advanced features including all the basic features of an exchange required by a novice trader to a professional trader as well as for a high frequency trader. Digital Ticks Exchange would not levy any transacon charges for first few months of incepon thereby giving traders to trade on zero transacon charges.


Traders - The most important and integral part of crypto exchange. Digital Ticks has gone one step further to develop a more user-friendly package, feature, ultra low latency crypto exchange with powerful technology to make it easy to trade.

A well-designed exchange by merchants for merchants. Digital Ticks Exchange will be a strength packed by many advanced features including all the basic exchange features required by the novice trader for professional traders as well as for high-frequency traders.

Semi Algo / HFT
Trade Multiple Crypto's
Single Portfolio View
OCO Orders
Some Device Compatibility

To take advantage of a 50% discount on the Exchange Commission

To take advantage of discounts by Volume

To pay a withdrawal fee

To pay the listing fee

To pay for analytical functionality such as research reports, statistical calculations

Strategic investments by beneficiary members of the exchange.


Token Name: DTX

Token Type: Ethereum ERC - 20

Purchase Method: BTC / ETH / Wire Transfer

Token Type: Utility

Pre-Token Sales Period: 25.03.2018 - 14.04.2018

Pre-Token Sale Price: 1 DTX = 0.30 USD

Public Sales Period: 15.04.2018 - 15.05.2018

Price of Public Sales Token: 1 DTX = 0,375 USD - 0,700 USD

Soft Cap: USD 5.7 Million

Hard Cap: USD 30 Million

Token not sold: IT will be burned after the Token sale expires.

Here I shall talk about the platform itself and it's most outstanding features. I don't believe I need to go into massive depth since they already supply us with in detail information through their official whitepaper business model. Feel free to check it out via their website. I went through it myself and it's an interesting read with everything you need to know, without being too extensive.

The features I'd most like to mention, include:

Algorithms & High Frequency Trading

Spot Trading & Futures

Extra Low Latency


High Security

Digital Ticks' team makes sure to address all major issues with current crypto exchanges. These being mostly due to latency, customer service and security. They plan to solve these issues with the release of the Digital Ticks exchange platform. I personally was most intrigued with the high end security measures they will be implementing to make us all feel safe when trading through them. We are talking multisignature wallets, anti DDos attacks and two factor authentication(2FA). Let's face it, security IS priority because if your money is not secure you won't want to know any more and I know for a fact that most people won't trust an exchange to hold their money since they are vulnerable to attacks of all kinds. Well, this is one of the reasons why this exchange is a game changer for all of us.

Funds are far more secure than we've known them be before now(I mean WAY more secure!). With Digital Ticks we are talking cold storage! The way it will work is, while funds aren't needed for immediate withdrawal they will be placed offline, no different from a solid hardware wallet if you think about it and we know for a fact they are the most secure option in existence. Let's say attackers were to somehow breach all security walls, after that last layer of protection they wouldn't find a thing since your funds won't be online. Pretty brilliant, don't you think? I think this is fantastic stuff!

Digital Ticks will be giving incentives like the one I mentioned earlier for high frequency traders. High volume traders will be expecting discounts on all fees related to trading and all users, with no exceptions, will be given a referral link unique to him/her. This referral link will be used to invite somebody new to start using the platform. When used, the user who lent the link will earn 5% of every commission usually delivered completely to Digital Ticks exchange(5% of the 0.1% I mentioned. This applies to every trade made by the person you invited). I think this last one is pretty great as it applies forever and you actually just sit on your butt with no fees ever to be applied since it's not your trade.
The image above refers to another type of incentive or reward that Digital Ticks will be giving us for inviting more people to join. You buy their tokens using a referral link and the person who gave you the link will receive 5% of the amount bought, only this time this comes from the 10% of funds allocated to referrals.

Okay, so, because I've already done all the research needed beforehand and thoroughly studied Digital Ticks I can very happily confirm that this ICO/company has a fabulous team onboard. Here they are.
This sort of quality is inspiring. They have made sure to supply us with all the information we could possibly need, on them personally as a team, aswell as them as a company. They are acting transparently and therefore receiving the trust they deserve from investors and potential users, like you and I.





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