Today the Internet is a pretty important part in our lives, and for some people is it. Someone makes it and someone fun, each with their own classes. Though this global network and popular, but at the same time, about 60% of the world’s population still do not have Internet access, even thoughyou have the money for this opportunity. If you consider how much is Internet per month with a connection speed of 10 MB/s in different countries ranges from $3.4 to $197.7.

That is, a monthly fee in the world is about$ 30. The Internet is very important and necessary in modern time, so logically everyone should have access to it, whether this is paid or free. But if you look at the numbers the UN report, in 2016 more than 800 million people below poverty line ($1.25 per capita per day). It is more than 10% of the world population.

The richest and on the middle class accounted for 24%. For 76% of the world’s population, the monthly cost of the Internet is a significant amount. And it goes without saying that almost everyone would like to obtain additional sources of revenue.

The project World Wi-Fi creates a decentralized global network of free Wi-Fi, based on private routers typical residential routers. Every owner of a router may transfer their excess Wireless Internet access, allow osteoglycin and share capacity and to earn cryptocurrency for this total capacity. In the end in this situation everyone gets their benefits: while regular users get free Internet access, those who own routers to generate profits, and advertisers reach your target audience.

It would just be a cool platform where you get Internet for free because just looking at the ads and also get tokens. They also provide an opportunity for cryptocurrency by sharing Wi-Fi and display ads on the network. Simply put, you will be able build your own referral network. In World Wi-Fi project will allow to create simple and clear conditions to earn the additional income. The amount of income will depend on the efforts of the participants and efficiency their actions. You can get a small amount each month spending a minimum of effort or to get much more money by connecting many people with free Wi-Fi.

They already making profit their other projects:

Out existing projects Adrenta and Radius Wi-Fi are focused on Wi-Fi advertising in public areas. As of today, the Adrenta network accounts for more than 14 thousand open networks and over 100 franchise partners.

Radius WiFi — the companies operate in 80 cities and have more than 200 employees. The increase in the number of their Wi-Fi access points in 2017 was 784%.

You can buy their tokens. More information on these links:





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