In the world today, several situations occur where we get stucked as a result of different unexpected occurrences mainly from our auto-mobile such as our cars. imagine going to work and having ur car break down bringing about miscellaneous expenses, confusion, frustration arising from trying to track the nearest automobile shop for fixing and even more frustration on getting your car there. It could also be as a result of your car getting out of gas, it could be an accident, and you might want to move to a new house.

Now think of it this way, imagine a platform where you can get your car towed in just a click. let me elaborate more. imagine a situation where you dont have to stress yourself looking for a car towers number and also you dont have to wait that long for help to arrive. sounds great right??
This is where CarTaxi comes into play. CarTaxi’s goal is to encompass the global market and establish a decentralized system of ClientContractor transactions based on blockchain. This means that CarTaxi wants a global implementation of the car towing business. It dosent have to be based on the old dispatching methods.


  1. CarTaxi eliminates all human factors such as delayed delievery, increased cost of service as a result of extra tip.
  2. CarTaxi will have a mobile app where you can be connected to the nearest taxi or car tower around.
  3. The CarTaxi payment system uses decentralized blockchain technology to process payments worldwide, which guarantees the safe transfer of funds and the completion of services.
  4. CarTaxi for Clients is the service provider whose liability for transportation is always guaranteed. This means that you, the customer, can always be assured that your cargo is secured by a global service provider, CarTaxi, and that any damage will be compensated without unnecessary hassles.
  5. The CarTaxi Service is promoting the principle of guaranteeing the safety of cargo during transportation. When using CarTaxi, the driver can rest assured that the towed vehicle is always under CarTaxi protection. You won’t need to go through the courts for reimbursement from the carrier. CarTaxi simplifies this procedure, guaranteeing your vehicle’s safety through an insurance fund — and handling any further recovery with the carrier.

The CarTaxi project offers the most easy-understand monetization model. Car Taxi will only receive 15% commission on each services.
The interesting part of the whole thing is that we can easily contact CarTaxi through our smarphone application both android and iOS, not only because CarTaxi uses blockchain technology then your transaction will be very fast in process by them.

After checking out these great features listed, i believe you must have spottedout a lot of interesting features about CarTaxi,lookingat the insurance aspect, convenience, payment security, security of vehicle transported,etc. that is a lot being given out.


TIMING Start date: 30 Aug 2017 
End date: 19 Sep 2017 TIMING 
OFFERING SIZE 12.500.000 CTX (2,5%) To be sold at special pre-ICO price = 3 048 ETH (~$914,4K) Pre-ICO is considered successful if more than 500 ETH (~ $ 150K) collected, otherwise all the funds are transferred to pre-ICO participants 
PRICING 1CTX = 0,000239 ETH 1 CTX ~$0,072 (on date 10.08.2017) Yield — 85% to ICO-price 1 ETH = 4101 
SECURE OFFER  Multi-signature wallet  CTX tokens are issued to investors only

TIMING Start date : 29 Sep 2017 End date: 29 Oct 2017 O
OFFERING SIZE 487.500.000 CTX (97,5%) = 216 186 ETH (~$64,85M) 
CTX PRICING 1CTX = 0,000443ETH 1 CTX ~$0,133 (on date 10.08.2017) 1 ETH = 2255 
SECURE OFFER — ICO funds held in Escrow — Multi-signature wallet -CTX tokens of Founders are non-transferable upon ICO completion — locked for 5 month through a smartcontract function

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