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Investa is a convenient payment system that is used by many users to work with debit cards, electronic purses. On the site you can carry out currency exchange, conduct internal transfers. All services offered by the Investa system can be obtained through a personal computer or mobile device. You can install the app on Google Play or the App Store. For additional bonuses, users can share information about the Investa service in social networks.
Remuneration of users will be in accordance with the terms of the referral program. Features of work on the Investa platform Service Investa serves customers around the clock. If users need professional help or if they have any questions, the platform representatives will quickly get in touch and help solve the problem. To do this, the user can use the official site or mobile application. The purpose of the Investa project is not only the provision of quality services, but also the provision of ongoing support. The service supports many FIAT frequencies of the Investa Exchange. This will support a wide range of exchange rates.

Thanks to the convenient menu, the user will be able to select the most preferable currency for withdrawing funds or replenishing the account. From the list of supported currency currencies by the Investa system, the user can choose the most suitable one. The ecosystem of Investa Investa Launchpad functions at the expense of Investa Exchange. Accordingly, the cost of listing, conducted on major exchanges, is reduced by enumeration within the ecosystem. Functionality Launchpad from Investa allows the user to quickly exchange existing coins. Investa Launchpad is intended for entrepreneurs who need to attract capital for the development of their enterprise.

Using Investa Exchange, investors can perform all necessary operations in the preferred crypto or fiat currency. The network of Investa ATMs The most important element of the Investa ecosystem is the implementation of a whole network of ATMs. Thanks to it, the clients of the bilateral ATM-services Investa will be able to expand the field of activity in the LATAM region, as well as in some European countries. In this case, the acquisition of crypto-currency, their exchange for ordinary money will be carried out promptly, simply, without any obstacles. Chinese company BITOCEAN TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT closely cooperates with Investa Specialists of this organization have launched the first self-tuning ATM in China. Thanks to the ties with Investa, it was possible to install ATMs in South America. After successful implementation, the equipment began to spread rapidly in other regions.

Each self-adjusting ATM has the following useful functions: an operative exchange of the crypto currency supported by the Investa system; the ability to purchase supported crypto currency types in the Advantico Exchange; transfer of crypto currency into phiatic means, their sending to another ATM of Investa network; payment of utilities (account for the Internet, mobile communication services, electricity). Funds can be debited from the Investa card; to replenish the account of a mobile phone with a prepayment (you can use a phiatic or crypto currency). Convenient use of the virtual loan with the Investa system Users who regularly use the crypto currency are aware that the process of exchange, transfer of funds can take some time. In most cases, this causes significant inconvenience. Moreover, with each transfer of funds, a high commission is levied.

Using the electronic purse INVESTA in combination with an individual debit card, users can simply and quickly spend their own cryptoresources. In this case, you do not need to wait for the transfer of funds from one place to another. To perform the necessary actions, the user just needs to open a personal purse through the installed INVESTA application.

You can distinguish the following features of the debit card Investa: the currency remains available at any convenient time; the funds are compatible with any chain of network assets;
For the use of crypto currency, only transaction fees are charged;
Possibility of decentralized storage of funds without any risks. In addition, the Investa system has a direct link to ETF fund accounts, crediting platform accounts, and Eterprise user accounts (used as a payment gateway). Exclusive maps of Investa Galaxy - this is the first product that provides the owner access to 1000+ VIP-halls in airports around the world. At the same time, it is planned to add 1000 more rooms in 500 different cities to the network. Favorable investments with Investa Investa Investa offers investors several profitable programs. They are aimed at maximizing profit in the participation process. In any case, the investor needs to purchase INV tokens. Due to this, the user will be able to make transactions through Investa Exchange and any other exchange service. Investing can be carried out on a platform for the development of the credit branch using the Investa Account toolbar. This type of investment involves making a profit from the list of portfolios. Each of them has different characteristics. Owners of INV tokens can choose the most suitable type of investment, as well as the most suitable loan portfolio.

The profit in this case will be credited to the account daily. After the end of the investment period, the capital will be returned to the investor. If necessary, the user can invest in the credit platform again. Investa developers do not guarantee profit. However, if the service will function fully, depositors will be able to rely on stable income.

Conducting ICO Investa The organization ICO Investa took 5 months. To attract additional funds to the project, specialists decided to conduct crowdsales. The preliminary sale of INV tokens starts in April 2018. Hard Cap for this program is fixed at around 30.000.000. The exchange rate is as follows: 1 ETH = 2,158 INV.

Distribution of tokens
40% - holding the main ICO 20% - for pre-sale 20% - for the development team 10% - for the community 5% - company reserve 5% - liquidity reserve

Service Investa greatly simplifies the work with crypto currency. The developers of the platform have tried to create the most convenient and safe system. Investing in ICO Investa, each participant will be able to increase his capital.