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Change is a new age financial proposition for individuals with high financial ambitions. It is created for young and forward-looking men and women who feel disconnected with the
way banks operate.

we have focused all our efforts in creating a simpler and more innovative financial proposition, making use of blockchain technology to link independent high-performing FinTech companies around the globe. We are happy to present you this
white paper, a manifesto that humbly shares our mission with the world, and invites you to participate in our revolution.
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Change is for the purpose to become the first crypto bank. Through a decentralized bank, which means that it has no central ownership, investors would be able to invest their cryptoid into some investment opportunities they deem appropriate and benefit from. It will also have a card with which you can spend your crypts around the world or just keep them in your account. The platform will support most of the most famous crypts. By registering on Change platform you will automatically get a wallet. It is not necessary to convert the encryption into a fiat currency to pay, but the conversion is done at the time you pay. This is great because in that case, you benefit from the crypto volatility, and we all know that we like to keep crypts more than a fiat. You will also be able to invest in funds, stocks and other financial instruments. Until now, this could not be done easily, so we need projects like Change. Change also issues its token, which drives the system's economy. For each purchase, you get a 0.05% rebate if you pay for other currencies, while this rebate is twice as big if paid in the Change Coin.
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How does the Change Waller work?
The registration process runs smoothly in the wallet. Users have access to their wallet through the mobile app. Payments and investments are made within the app where the recipient address is entered or a QR code is used. The account can be viewed as with similar banking apps.

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SPENDING: Any time a user makes an online or offline payment using Change Card, he or she will receive a 0.05% rebate in the form of Change Coin. The rebate will double if the user pays using Change Coin. This incentive benefits coin
users and holders, as it ensures that the currency is constantly being traded, making it more desirable and valuable. For example, a user that spends 3000 Change Coin on a brand new laptop will receive a rebate of 3 Change Coin.

Third-Party Service Providers (TPSPs) share 20% of their revenues generated from Change users with Change. This 20% is distributed between Marketplace investors and holders of Change coin in a 1:5 ratio.
With 16.67% going to marketplace investors and 83.33% being distributed to Change Coin holders.

A user has two financial incentives for holding Change coins. Firstly, 83.33% of the revenues generated from TPSPs are distributed evenly among Change coin holders monthly.

Utility of Change Coin lies in offering financial marketplace services to the community via Change Wallet. Change Coin forms the backbone of the Change platform as it is will be the facilitator of any transactions other than spending (excluding the temporary period in the beginning where other crypto currencies are enabled).

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The initial public offering token is in the plan. You can support the project and thus enable development and in turn get tokens, and so engage in revolution. You will be able to take part in Ethereum. The price will be 1 ETH for 500 CAG tokens. Pre-sale will be announced shortly, while the ICO starts at 16.9 and runs until 16.10. In ICO you can take part in the following link:
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