The world is changing so we are. Blockchain technology is disrupting a lot of industries and bringing new innovations. But there are very few ideas which can actually solve some real problems which are faced by the global community including crypto currency community.
Many people in the world which are unbanked needs financial inclusion, they need banking facility. People in the Crypto world needs a solution to spend their digital assets in real life just like fiat currencies globally and easily. “Centra” is the solution for all these problems.
Having an idea of cryptocurrency knowledge and analytics is essential. Cryptocurrencies have grown at an huge rate ever since bitcoin entered the finance industry. In fact, total market cap has reached a new high value over 117 billion USD as of 7th August. And continues to rise. And now industry needs a solution to integrate all of these blockchain currencies into a usable currency for interaction.
What is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a currency in the form of digital (digital / virtual currency) and also is confidential. Of course, because of the digital form there is no physical form, unless you make yourself from gold or other metals with the same value. But although it is not physical, this currency still has value, like agan who can buy a Laptop or Smartphone using Bitcoin.

Centra is a Multi Asset Blockchain wallet and Card which allows spending the Digital assets in real time for any type of transactions globally, securely and without any hassle. Centra mobile app will be available on the ios and android soon. Centra will also launch the Desktop version of this app in future date too. The user of this wallet can spend digital assets like Bitcoin, Ether, Monero, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash and ERC 20 Tokens through wallet and state of the art Centra card. User can load cryptocurrencies in the wallet and pay it just like using normal card. Centra Tech announces the launch of Centra Card & Centra Smart Insured Wallet.
Furthermore, Centra is a Crypto debit card for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin & more. Centra Debit Card allows users to spend their crypto power in real time at a 0% exchange rate, spending, & withdrawals that are commonly charged by other companies and have Smart Wallet secure, insured, and secure. Centra Tech has a brilliant solution, the world’s first Debit Card designed for use with the compatibility of 8+ major blockchain cryptocurrencies assets.

Blockchain Technology allows millions of people to send, receive and save payments utilizing the blockchain platform and take advantages of lower transactions costs. Centra tech platform will be a real solution to create a global account for anyone who lacks banking services.
Their release is truly an opportunity on the ground floor to be part of a global solution to the currency bloc’s dilemma offering a comprehensive rewards program for cardholders and signals while providing the ability to spend your cryptoes in real time without exchange fees. Centra Debit Card allows users to make purchases using their preferred blockchain currency through the Centra Wallet Application. Centra cards work anywhere in the world that receives Visa or MasterCard.
We have designed 3 core products that follow our mission to connect the world of commerce and cryptocurrency.
Centra Card & Wallet

Centra Card is designed to give you complete control over your assets. You will be able to convert them in real time with market value to the fiat used without any cost thanks to our CCE Module. We have solved the ability to spend your emergency crypto in today’s world.
The Centra wallet allows securely storing your block’s asset assets with full insurance against your assets from theft and hackers. Trust me knowing your funds will be safe on our network without worry. You will also have the ability to customize the settings to suit your needs both for your wallet and card.
Our cBay platform gives our users the ability to purchase over 100,000 items from our market using their crypto power. You will have the ability to use your Centra Wallet to pay for items or pay directly from the wallet of your choice.
We will give the world the ability to spend their assets to buy real goods on the internet. Choose from electronics, clothing items, household items and more with worldwide shipping. Cryptocurrency markets will allow vendors in the future to make a list of their products for sale on the platform.

Centra Token (CTR) will be available and sold to our users during our crowdsale. There will be many benefits to our Centra Troken Holders. Our reward system has been designed to provide incentives to users who hold tokens.
RKT tokens can be purchased via BTC, ETH, or LTC. The RKT Token has been designed to be usable in our CBay Market and can also be picked up at Centra Cards worldwide wherever accepting Visa or MasterCard. The RKT token will be available for purchase at the Exchange after the ICO period. provides its token and debit card holders to spend, receive, transfer and exchange their cryptocurrency in real-time with no fees. This is possible through Centra’s Currency Convercing Engine (CCCE) that calculates exchange rates between different cryptocurrencies quicly. The Centra Debit Card, that woks anywhere which accept Vısa or Mastercard, enables users to make purchases using their blockchain cryptocurrency of choice right through the Centra Wallet Application. You can easily register for a Centra Debit Card with Centra Wallet app. All assets that stored on Centra Wallet will be secure and insured. We are grateful to the Blockchain.
There will be 3 different cards named Centra Black (metal), Centra Gold and Centra Blue with different spending limits, ATM withdrawal limits, awards and benefits that we can see in the picture as follows:
Another amazing product of is Amazon type super marketplace that named cBay. There will be over 100.000 items such as electronics, clothing products, house goods etc. on the cBay with worldwide shipping option. And let vendors to list their products to sale on the platform.

ICO will end on October 5th. You can make a profitable investment through BTC, ETH and LTC received by the people. It also collects more than 5 million USD in pre-sale.
For more information, you can directly visit the official website below :