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About DICE Money

DICE has properties of both the presently existing cryptocurrencies and traditional money and also creates a brand new funding route for any business.

DICE introduces the “Cluster Model” economy, based on a large number of unconnected peers (called “operators”) all working within a singular global ecosystem.

Each of those network peers is in a way a small country of its own, and the DICE miners supporting it, are its virtual citizens. “Investment Mining” is another breakthrough that the cluster model provides.

Miners own their new DICE, but the capitalization of the respective operator increases with the overall mining production. This makes an investor out of every miner, and the choice of who will be the operator they mine for is a completely personal decision.


True Decentralisation

DICE lacks a single ledger present in the typical blockchain architecture. Instead, there are as many ledgers as there are operators in the global ecosystem - some of them public, others private.

Reinforced Security

A new communication protocol which makes it practically impossible to hack and steal DICE. In addition to that the physical nature of DICE requires having a copy of the actual data structure.

Offline Mining

DICE can be mined safely without the fear that someone else is secretly using your resources. Offline mining also opens the door toward interesting mobile fintech products.

Speed and Scalability

The model built on a large number of unconnected small nodes allows maximum parallelisation and unlimited scalability. Each node handles only a small fraction of the overall traffic.

Absolutely Free

The concept of transaction fees is absent in the DICE model. Incentives to both sides come from elsewhere, not fees.

Social Economy

One of the biggest advances in DICE is the idea “investment mining” – a socially-uniting opportunity to raise funds for a specific business or cause while mining for yourself at the same time.

No Middlemen

A true “peer-to-peer” model without need for exchanges or special wallets.

Deterministic and Predictable

DICE is not meant to be a speculative asset. It is designed to replace the traditional money in a shock-free implementation.

IDO – The New Offering

The ever increasing costs of public offering have created new barriers in front of fresh-starting businesses. Large number of “consultants” have managed to insert themselves between a new business and its potential market. DICE creates a new opportunity “Initial DICE Offering” to raise without the upfront costs associated with other models

The DICE Money ICO

DICE Money is a commercial entity focused on development and distribution of end-user products and solutions for the DICE ecosystem. The purpose of DICE Money’s ICO is to ensure initial market penetration of DICE through the use of already established Blockchain technology. A secondary goal is to raise funds for the business and further development of the DICE global ecosystem.

The ICO for funding DICE Money will be in the form of a separate Ethereum-based ERC20 utility type token called “Dicet” (exchange symbol “CET”), which can be traded as separate asset on the blockchain market. DICE Money consists of 100,000,000 Dicets priced in Ethers and allocated to six stakeholder groups.

Dicet Allocation

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Pre-ICO Sale

5,000,000 Dicets at a discounted price of 0.0005 ETH per token. Available only until the quantity is sold out.
Additional to this, for the first 100 transactions made the price will be further discounted at only 0.0003 ETH per token.
Pre-ICO sale offers the opportunity to early adopters to acquire Dicet at the lowest cost.

Token Distribution

Token Name - DICE Token (DICET)
Token Type - Ethereum ERC20
Allocation - 100,000,000 DICET

ICO - 55,000,000
CORE TEAM - 15,000,000
DMF SEED FUND - 10,000,000
PRE-ICO - 5,000,000

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July 2017
Initial concept developed and an early version of the technical whitepaper written

November 2017
Initial alpha mining and operator software; first valid units; core team formed

January 2018
Team growing and traction building; further improvements in the protocol for better security

February 2018
DICE Money Ltd officially registered; internal tests with beta version mining and operator solutions

March 2018
Demo operators online and early software available to users

May 2018

July 2018
Existing to date DICE system code released for wide community support

January 2019
Embedded operator and end-user mining solutions commercially available

February 2019
DICE available as tradeable stock

June 2019
DICE Card prototypes

November 2019
Enterprise solutions and partnerships for DICE integration and support

Core Team

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