BitClave is an active search engine ecosystem (platform: decentralized search engine) that allows enterprises to directly access consumers interested in their products. Thanks to online and online advertising solutions BitClave, there is no need for intermediaries who take huge amounts of money for advertising and provide fewer results than advertisers.

BitClave was established in 2016 with the aim of inventing a new relationship between organizations and customers in the light of the trust and frankness of smart contracts. The BitClave platform can prevent one of the largest markets on the planet, organize an advertising campaign that is currently consumed by advertising companies and controlled by agents.
BitClave is a huge platform for the privacy of a large number of individuals and campaigns. All the data that people will need to search for will be placed on this platform. The blocking system and advanced technologies will monitor that the data is safe, and the search is specific and fast.
In the BitClave ecosystem, consumers themselves choose an interesting group of products and services, which in turn ensures that companies will work with the target audience, efficiency will increase, and consumers will be able to earn on viewing ads.

The BitClave platform wants to remove intermediaries from the search engine. Now, come to think of it is the traditional advertisement system giving businesses enough of what they seek? Or should I say enough of what they pay for? Well the answer is definitely not because most online advertisement platform is now being clogged up by “middlemen”. These middlemen are paid outrageous sums by businesses to get their promotion to potential customers.
After paying heavy, the advertisement for this business ends up in a stream of other advertisment without measures put in place to get the advertisement to the targeted audience, or worse case scenario this advertisement ends up in someone’s spam box. You will not need to overpay anymore because your order goes through third parties, now you can automatically make personal offers at once to consumers, and be confident in your actions, and not rely on others. The consumer will be able to control his data himself and use advertising services with the help of smart contracts! Smart-contracting and blocking will ensure security and confidentiality, which are not in the world without decentralization. Decentralization is a new milestone in the development of our world, and behind it will be a great and bright future.
BitClave now has the opportunity to move to payment platforms with countless customers, which guarantees integration with organizations entering the market.
BitClave was established in 2016 to review the relationship between business and customers based on the trust and transparency of smart contracts. The name of the Bit-Klava itself is a consumer activity token (CAT)

A person or company can take advantage of functions on the platform for themselves with benefit. Imagine a person doing a search and they get paid for it, because every dealer will pay for those who do the search. To offer your product from competitors. Even if you do not choose the goods of this company, the money will still go to your purse. This is a fantastic thing for the search engine in the world. It would seem that this is impossible, but thanks to new technologies and the continuous development of innovations, now this is real!
The next problem of centralized services such as Google or Facebook is the ability to disclose personal data of users, however Active Search BitClave Ecosystem ensures the absence of intermediaries and thus companies directly cooperate with their target audience.

 At the beginning of their journey, they will focus on such large-scale industries as car goods, real estate, hotel business and retail. At the moment, negotiations are already underway with some large mid-sized and large retail chains, as well as with hotel chains that will be able to provide BitClave with access to a database of customers with several thousand owners around the world.
Their team consists of 20 professional engineers and consultants who have tremendous experience in the field of security, payments and blocking. More information about the team can be found at:

38% will go for development;
37% for the distribution of services;
5% for legal expenses;
7% administrative expenses;
5% PR, partnership and other;
8% for contingencies.

You can support this project and buy a token — CAT. The CAT token was sold in pre-sale and collected more than $ 1.8 million in the second stage. In the continuation of CAT tokens will also be sold in ICO, which will start from September 15, 2017 and end on October 15, 2017. With a price of 1 CAT — $ 0.05

Having said this, businesses needs more on the part of advertisement which is why BITCLAVE, a powerful decentralized blockchain solution to the woes of traditional advertisement system. Where people will not overpay money for the necessary goods and information. Where there will be no third parties who need to overpay money. Where will be calm for the safety of their data. And where people will be sure of the reliability of the information, SEE BITCLAVE.

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