Target coin (TGT) comes with a peculiar feature which allows investors to invest in the blockchain technology and also generate risk with an array of diverse crypto. In short, you’ll by-pass dealing with risk, handling the circulation of owned cryptocurrency and also technical barriers.
Target coin is based on profit-based smart contract. Its vision is to deliver risk adjusted returns on both upside and downside in the market using innovative technology and groundbreaking strategy.

1.Fully transparent profit sharing smart contract

  1. Token as a service business model
  2. Use of Technical Analysis, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence models to invest and trade cryptocurrency tokens

TGT Coin offers its shares to public and utilise that money to invest and in the other new innovative blockchain tokens. Now it’s this simple, Target coins model rewards its investors every quarter 85% of the net profits by buying back tokens and allowing the token value to increase.

TGT Coin plans to launch the ICO on 15th July, 2017 and the ICO will end on 31st August, 2017.
10% of the ICO money will be used for the operations of the fund and 90% of the fund will be used to build a portfolio. TGT Coin plans to issue 2 Bn coins. 1.34 Bn coins are available to the public and 260 Mn coins are held by the management team and 400 Mn coins are held by the pre-ICO investors . On the ICO the TGT Coin price will be - ETH 0.000133( US $ 0.04).
TGT Coin ICO ends on 31st August and the operations will begin on 10th September.
Good news : ), A minimum bonus of 0.75% per quarter will be credited to the Target coin ICO Token Holders every quarter.

Checkout official webpage and white paper for more information

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