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AQUA Revolutionized the travel industry
The most comprehensive consumer profile in blockchain for international markets

Today we announce our pre-sale token! AQUA Intelligence is a data-based platform on blockchain that allows consumers to monetize and validate their personal data. Based on this reliable data, AQUA Intelligence creates a decentralized comprehensive profile for each consumer. The profile will not be shared with third parties and AQUA Intelligence will enforce strict privacy policies for data protection. By utilizing artificial intelligence and other tools, this profile allows the hotel industry to increase sales, operational efficiency, profit, and consumer experience. This platform is supported by AQUA (AQX), utility tokens.

We achieve this by utilizing our discrete data sources including, AQUA RMS, AQUA SDK, AQUA Mobile app, and AQUA PMS - our proprietary Property Management System, currently integrated with one of the largest hospitality brands.

Consumers will benefit from our platform as well. They'll get a token to validate and provide data to our app, and will be able to spend it through our partner network like merchants, hotels, restaurants and other travel partners.


Token Name: AQUA (AQX)
Standard: Ethereum ERC20 (Utility based)
Price per Token: $ 0.25 USD
Pre-Sale: May 7th - July 30th, 2018
Pre-Sale Cap: $ 20,000,000 USD
Crowdsale: July 30-September 30, 2018
Crowdsale Cap: $ 25,000,000 USD
Total Hard Cap: $ 50,000,000 USD (225M AQX Tokens)
Token superiority: Platform utility token
Date Launched: Issued after crowdfunding
How to Participate: Visit Medium


We will offer the realization of AQUA INTELLIGENCE through two main stages: Pre-Sale and Main Sales (Crowdsale). We will publish a weekly report on AQUA Crowdfund on our Blog in Medium, and discuss it with the community. We want to maintain maximum transparency across all phases of the project.

According to best practices from the Crowdfund process, the number of AQUA Tokens has a realistic Hard Cap. AQX token publishing will be done after Crowdsale.

It may take up to 30 days to distribute AQX tokens to contributors.

According to the current regulatory situation, we will conduct a KYC / AML inspection to each contributor in AQUA INTELLIGENCE Crowdsale. This procedure is required to ensure long-term compliance of the AQUA INTELLIGENCE project.

Pre-Sale Details:

Hard Cap Pre-Sale AQUA token: $ 20,000,000 USD
Currency received: ETH
Token exchange rate: 1 AQX = 0.25 USD in ETH
Number of tokens per one person: unlimited
Minimum transaction amount in Ethereum: $ 10 USD in ETH
Maximum transaction amount in Ethereum: Unlimited (in Hard Cap)
Start date: May 7, 2018
End date: July 7, 2018
The bonus scale is set as follows for Pre-Sale:
15% Bonus until May 11th

12% Bonus up to 25 May

9% Bonus up to 15 June

6% Bonus up to 30 June

3% Bonus up to July 30th

0% Bonus up to 30 September


AQX is a token for the hospitality industry.
Consumers use tokens to redeem products and / or services from participating hotel partners in the same way as hospitality rewards points are earned and spent.
AQX connected in AQUA value proposition - partners can use AQX token or loyalty points to pay for AQUA Intelligence service.
AQX can be obtained through loyalty, participation, social interaction, promotion and more.


We created 500,000,000 AQUA tokens (AQX)

45% of AQX made during the sale of our tokens will be provided to contributors who send ETH for our pre-sale or crowdsale.
Up to 5% will be provided for bounty programs and airdrop, depending on the total number of participants in the campaign.
20% of AQX will be allocated to founders and teams.
30% will go into our platform backup to increase platform growth.


The roadmap below is subject to change, especially as market conditions fluctuate, the competitive landscape shifts, and user demand changes. The roadmap is intended as an outline for how AQUA Intelligence plans to continue extending and expanding the platform to achieve the overarching goal of solving the current problems discussed in the above sections.

2Q15 – 2Q18

  • Launched web and mobile-based PMS platform for hotel industry
  • Currently in test properties across Las Vegas, NV
  • iOS mobile app and web: Improved to V1.1
  • Partnership and integration with major hotel chain
  • Prototype of machine learning based PMS platform


  • Token White paper release
  • AQX Token sale
  • Create a working group of in-house blockchain developers and ETH community developers


  • Finalize the design of our private blockchain
  • Initiate the migration of legacy hotel data onto our private blockchain
  • Develop the MVP for AQUA Mobile
  • Build the management team for AQUA
  • Begin development of the AQUA RMS platform


  • Launch alpha AQUA RMS platform
  • Complete architecture of the data platform by gathering data feeds across web platforms, mobile apps, and other third parties
  • Begin integrating tokens as monetization mechanism via ETH blockchain and Ethereum Smart Contracts
  • Begin development of data feed, built on keywords and topics generated from our machine learning algorithms


  • Token-based platform beta test
  • Strategic partnerships and integration
  • Network Node Architecture, AI, Machine Learning, and Prediction Model
  • Private Blockchain Beta – Single Shared
  • Private Blockchain Beta – Multi State


  • Begin development of AI-based Intelligent Assistant
  • Develop expansion plan for Europe-Asia-Pacific
  • Expand relationships with hospitality and retail partners
  • Launch AQUA Mobile
  • Build AQUA datacenter


  • Expand upon AI-based insight and analysis tools, using historical user activity data amassed from our client base as training set
  • Begin development of AI-based Intelligent Assistant to help identify, save, retrieve, assess and analyze relevant public information for users
  • Develop a complete suite of AQUA Solutions for the hospitality industries

Core Team

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