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Reality Clash is the first game available on iPhone and Android with ERC-20's arsenal of commercial armaments that will bring combat games where the real place in the games is for you because it uses geo map technology on your smartphone, so players will be placed accurately so players Can melihan other players. Games Reality Clash is free to be lifted.
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Reality Gaming Group has declared Reality Clash, the world’s initially enlarged reality battle games for iPhone and Andriod, taking mobile/tablets battle combat diversions to an a brand new level. Commonplace spots are presently your war zones and the general population in your surroundings are either your partners or enemies. Reality Clash will now offer its in-game money RCC at a token deal in August, enabling early members to take control of selective weaponry that they can use in the game or exchange on.

The free to-play games will utilize the telephone’s camera to render an AR perspective of the world on-screen, with geolocation gameplay welcoming players to enter up close and personal battle with each other continuously and genuine areas – they can welcome companions, join competitions and set up fights in urban ranges, parks and forests. Players will manufacture and secure their own particular home office, guard an area and investigate their environment, with a definitive objective of vanquishing their own city. They will likewise have the capacity to visit areas in this present reality to gather ammunition, medic packs and additional items.

And additionally exchanging between accessible weapons during battle, players will have the capacity to speculate on in-games things and wind up noticeably virtual arms merchants using Reality Clash Coins (RCC), which can be exchanged on the Reality Clash stage or in markets platform.
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To support the advancement and development of the game, Reality Gaming Group is setting out on an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) based on Ethereum blockchain service, from which it expects to raise at least $1.5 million. The ICO opens completely on August 29th, after an underlying pre-deal period for the venture group. It will allow gamers to purchase extraordinary RCC Gold tokens at the rate of just 1/30 of the normal RCC cost, acquire selective weapons that will never be accessible again, in addition, to win access to exceptional competitions and additional items.

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There are two types of coins in Reality Clash
1.Reality Clash Coin Gold
This coin is only available exclusively in Crowdsale. By having this coin, players can access exclusive powerful weapons compared to others in the game. These coins can be sold on the Clash Reality platform or in the Secondary market. This type of weapon will never be made in the future in that game. So the value of RCC Gold will increase at a high level due to the limited supply and high weapon strength.
2.Reality Clash Coin Silver
When the game launches this coin will be available for purchase at Android and iOS stores that are released for purchase in game items such as weapons, ammunition packages, health booster packages, Mines, air strikes, Drones, customized leather, Gunsand ammunition package.

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Presale Details and Crowdsale
Total Supply RCC 150,000,000 tokens
Coins are available in presale 50,000,000
Coins available at Crowdsale 50,000,000
The presale starts from August 1, 2017 and will end on August 27, 2017
Bonus Presale: 50%
Minimum investment: 50 ETH
The masses begin on 28 August 2017 and will end on September 29 2017.
Keep in mind Pokemon GO? – Well obviously you do!

Did you realize that the game has been downloaded 750 million times? It is evaluated that the games has 65 million month to month clients, and that the Pokemon GO income in 2016 was $950 million! What’s more, consistently, the games has an income of $2 million as per the estimations. The games was such an enormous hit, that it took just 19 days after its discharge to hit the turning point of 50 million downloads around the world!

Reality Clash is the world’s first AR battle diversion! Be a piece of this stunning venture opportunity.
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