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Lately many companies have developed their business in various ways. And with the tight competition, various ways are used to attract the hearts of consumers and investors to work together. As the times progressed we came up with the concept of delayed service and cybersecurity capabilities and by utilizing the Trusted Execution Environment (TEST). And we call this our project as Rivetz. 3 years of development of Rivetz in the US government that originally just wanted to build a technical foundation, over time later we also establish a contract of cooperation against them.

Not long ago the Platform in Rivetz provides a unique set of leading solutions and then generating over a million dollars. We will provide access to more than one billion existing devices in the field, but only for Companies that have a strategic relationship with Trustonic only.

Rivetz It builds a global network of attestation and identification, working on the Rivetz ( Rvt ) token , to improve the security of the devices we use. Cyber ​​security enterprises expect that the damage to cybersecurity will be more than $ 6 trillion worldwide, compared with $ 3 trillion in 2015. The rising cost of cybersecurity reflects the inability of the security field to offer a solution that is simple enough to provide sufficient security to protect our private information.

The transition to decentralized security requires that the integrity of the data be built into the system, the dependence on monitoring the network is already ineffective.

Imagine that TEE is a private repository within your phone's hardware, but instead of software (like ios / android ) it is already embedded in your phone. Inside this storehouse everything is isolated. Neither the application, nor the software, nor the operating system can see what's inside your device. It can be your keys, passwords or any other personal information.
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Unique Features

Most of the security solutions for mobile devices available today depend entirely upon the software. Rivetz uses hardware features to enhance the security of the smart devices. - TEE(Trusted Execution Environment)
TEE is a hardware layer which is present in most of the smart devices. - RvT Token
RvT tokens assure privacy at the hardware level. RvT works with the blockchain technology to ensure that the vault in your device is secure. RvT verifies the device's and data's health which is stored in the device's TEE. Data stored in the TEE is not accessible by the Operating System or any installed software. It remains completely secure from all types of malicious activities. TEE is like a separate vault on the mobile device. Most consumer grade smart devices come equipped with TEE layers that can be used as storage medium for the user information such as passwords, IDs, keys, etc.

Rivetz ICO

Rivetz is carrying out an Initial Coin Offering(ICO) for the purpose of crowdfunding. Pre-defined numbers of crypto-tokens will be released and sold to the intended audience. Through ICO, Rivetz expects to grow its technology and public gets buying units of currency of the technology.

Rivetz believes that the majority of the Blockchain and token based projects will benefit from integration with Rivetz capabilities. Hundreds of new companies are being built on the revolutionary change that blockchain brings to the market. The protections that a token and blockchain offer to the market are tremendous but only as good as the protection of the private keys and the instructions sent to the chain. Bitcoin spawned a market for hardware wallets but they are not the solution for the new token models from storage to networking and cloud services. Rivetz cybersecurity solution is designed to bring a strong model that will enhance the value and simplify the use for many of the existing proposed token projects.

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