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Good day.Today I would like to raise one very important topic of security for our mobile devices. Very often, our mobile devices can not provide sufficient security and security of all data on them. It's common to become stealing passwords, and other information from drives and cloud services. This problem is designed to solve a new project from a talented development team - RIVETZ.

RIVETZ is a decentralized cyber security token that will ensure the operation of the entire RIVETZ ecosystem and will provide a reliable level of protection for user data.
The principle of RIVETZ is built on the fact that inside your device will be created a separate isolated data store, which will be absolutely independent of the rest of the system. Inside this repository, all data is encrypted and no one else can access it. These data are not visible to the system or the software of the device.

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Data is accessed through authentication and created transactions that operate on RIVETZ tokens. The functioning of this storage facility and access to it are provided by a blockade. This is the first such offer in the world on the market, which provides complete data security on devices, I do not directly use these devices.
ICO RIVETZ will start on August 10 and the minimum fee is set at 5 million. 35% of tokens will be sold to fundraising participants, 35% is reserved for future platform needs, and 30% will ensure the functioning of the platform.
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Please visit official sources, links to which I will leave below.
Official website of the project -  https://rivetzintl.com
Link to White Paper -  https://rivetzintl.com/2017site/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/white-paper-v1-1.pdf
Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=44476