Great article and summary of last weeks Ionomy Team Q&A.

“Creative thinking inspires ideas, Ideas inspire change.”-Barbara Januszkiewicz

Last month IDC brought to the community an article in which we asked mining out? We quoted the Ionomy white paper which calls out “power hungry mining” claiming it leads to, “a devalued coin with low visibility, poor reputation, and a user base comprised of transient profiteers with no interest in a long term investment.” In our article we also outlined their plan of allocating 3.4 million Ion tokens to their growing gaming platform and we questioned whether or not this system could be the change that will usher in a crypto revolution...ultimately seeing blockchain technology to worldwide success.

If you didn’t catch that article check it out real quick to see the ins & outs of the Ionomy teams unique ideas and then head on back here for an update. Otherwise, read on to see how Ionomy developers are taking their ideas and influencing change with a number or, new updates, innovations and exciting partnerships shared with the community in their most recent Meetup. The amount of news they covered in 30 minutes was astonishing and they even gave away some very juicy information about upcoming partnerships and future all the way to the end for that.