Delivering a comprehensive suite of powerful business solutions to game developers, a new dimension to games, and a compelling value to investors.

VICTORIA – August 18, 2017, ionomy Ltd. announces Power Grid, a comprehensive suite of digital currency management and game monetization services for game developers, gamers, and investors.

Power Grid represents a massive expansion of ionomy’s established business model, building on the success of ionomy.com investor tools and game integration, opening these services to outside developers.


ionomy uses digital currency technology to add new dimension to gameplay. By monetizing games with Power Grid services, independent developers and game studios produce titles that stand out from the crowd. Power Grid makes it easy for game developers to thrive by simplifying game development, from funding to marketing, and monetizing games through digital currency integration.


Few game developers or studios have everything they need to be successful. Jumpstart fills in the gaps to them to achieve their vision. At its base, Jumpstart is a funding platform. More broadly, it connects game developers with a community of investors, players, and marketers.


The Lightning API enables the ION Advantage for freemium games: cash-like tournament prizes, discounts, and unified multi-platform gamer accounts. Gamers compete to win ION, grow it, trade it for monetary value, or spend it on more gaming fun. Game developers who enter into full Lightning partnerships with ionomy may even be eligible for complete subsidization of substantial tournament rewards to incentivize sustained gameplay.


Thunder enables developers of premium games to tokenize their in-game currencies on the ION blockchain, and sets up exchanges where these tokens can be sold. By monetizing in-game currency with Real Money Trade, Thunder sends a clear message that there’s real value in playing these games.


The Spark Ad Network delivers BTC payouts 12x faster than other networks. Digital currency means fewer hands in the till — so more money gets to the people who contribute real value. Spark is also a great choice for advertisers, offering a low cost solution to reach to valuable global demographics. Spark Analytics helps fine tune ad campaigns. Integration with ionomy means that developers who want to cross-promote their games can do so easily.


ionomy services for investors have been making it safe and easy for investors of any scale to grow their ION assets. Adding Alchemy to the Power Grid adds multicurrency financial services, making ionomy.com the place to invest, convert, and manage many forms of digital wealth. Web wallets, hosted masternodes, and dynamic exchanges let users store, grow, and trade ION, BTC, Dash, Pivx, ETH, LTC, NEO, and more. And, of course, in-game currencies. From any device.


Dark Matter is the newest asset in the ION ecosystem, and the first Thunder token on the ION chain. With a low initial supply, it is intrinsically deflationary due to a graduated burn rate: a portion of Dark Matter is destroyed with every transaction. As transactions increase, the burn accelerates — making the Power Grid a potent particle accelerator.


ionomy.com is a new digital entertainment and investment platform built around the ION coin, a digital currency. By integrating ION and ION based tokens into mobile gaming and closely tying it to a user friendly platform, ionomy cultivates games with staying power and makes it easy for new users to enter the world of cryptocurrency at their own pace.

The mobile gaming market is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in the world. Players come for the fun of gaming, and stick around when they discover the opportunity to earn rewards of real world value.

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Source: https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/ionomy-power-grid/