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The feeling of taking great risks and getting colossal returns is very rousing and exhilarating. Even in the cryptocurrency world, such feelings can be experienced when an ICO investment gives off huge profits. Gambling is very synonymous to investments because the bottom line is expecting “Huge returns”
The world is tending towards digitization and at such the internet has now become the one stop for many activities which were done manually before to be carried out on it, one of which is the online gambling otherwise known as iGaming. With the internet, so much can be done efficiently, timely, more secured and with a measure of privacy but it is still not the ultimate breakthrough yet. Driving us to that apex is what the blockchain technology is about.
Connecting the dots, Blockchain technology employed into the online gaming/gambling is going to be one of the greatest revelation of this era. This is re-assuring because the exploits of the online gaming industry is on a bullish trend.
Having established that, Imagine getting to invest in an expert driven platform that has harnessed the intricacies of the iGaming in synergy with the blockchain technology; It would be massive isn’t it?
Well It has been brought to your fingertips in a package known as “TRUEGAME”
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Truegame(with a 4.8/5 ratings from over 70 experts on Icobench) has lingered around on the drawing board developing and getting reviews/feedbacks on their working product. With a team of professionals in marketing, lotteries, game development all acquired from the helms of various successful projects and other facets essential for the growth of the platform, they want to build trust, earn gamblers recommendation and ensure transparency in the online gambling sector through the following unfailing strategies:
Offering a variety of games such as dice, giftbox, smart roulette amongst others all transparent, RNG algorithm certified. Winnings can’t be influenced or determined by external entities; Smart contract codes can be accessed via github. 
Funds will be held on the smart contract. Hence, payment would be made automatically; nobody is in charge of holding making payouts.
Games are open and fair with each one possessing a hash number that can be inquired into and verified by the gambler
Theecosystem is built uniquely in a way such that expansion of the project by creating more exciting games is possible which is affirmed by Truegame’s communications manager when she disclosed that thirty more games would be added to the already existing games after ICO.
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Truegame Crowdsale.
Solidly built on the Ethereum blockchain Truegame’s ERC-20 compatible utility token known as “TGAME” would be sold to the general public.
Details of the sale.
Accepted means of payment: 

Project softcap: 2300 ETH
Project hardcap: 10300 ETH
Notice: If project does not reach softcap, funds would be returned.
With a platform that has chosen to put forth a working platform with a strong team and advisors (One of which is the COO of “Mate Tokay”). The potentials it poses is mind blowing considering other major iGaming platforms the most prominent which is Funfair does not even have a working product and has done pretty well thus far.
Conclusively, it is undeniable that all odds are in favour of Truegame and you can almost say “an investment in the platform is a won wager about to be cashed out”.
Access to the project can be granted via the following links: