Well that's n easy one... #ProofOfStake #masternodes are the solution!

Cryptocurrency advocates are constantly trying to convince non-experts of the advantages of permissionless blockchains, typically by explaining how a decentralized system of consensus-based record-keeping produces an immutable, censorship-resistant ledger.

But this doesn't exactly square with reality.

There's a strong argument that first bitcoin, and now other permissionless cryptocurrencies, have become less decentralized over time, even as their value has grown.

The culprits, many believe, are application-specific integrated circuits - the expensive, super-fast hashing chips known as ASICs, the engines driving the rigs in giant mining farms. They have so affected the market structure of blockchain networks that they are now the source of much division within their communities, stirring debates over potential forks in the code and exposing the need for blockchains to resolve one of their other core challenges: governance.

Source: https://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-code-defend-against-asic-mining-threat/