What is BeEasy?
BeEasy is a blockchain-based ecosystem which is designed for mining, trading, and managing cryptocurrency. investments. BeEasy project are making a bold step, similar to historic leaps by Microsoft and Apple, by offering PC users the self-intuitive interfaces and ultimately convenient services.

They are offering specific goods and services, a source of income, and fulfillment of the need for social accountability to our non-professional users, while providing flexible and clear tools for solving professional tasks.

To encourage the development of decentralized economy of blockchain networks and cryptocurrency by engaging as many new, previously left out, authentic user groups as possible.

Product Offered

BeEasy Ecosystem
BeEasy ecosystem is a group of interconnected services for cryptocurrency mining, managing the cryptocurrency portfolios, trading and converting cryptocurrency into various assets such as fiat currencies, gaming currencies, software licenses, discount bonuses and certificates for merchant products, internet stores and offline networks, and charity donations.

Token Details
EasyToken would help you to save your money and give you a premium user status
Name: EasyToken
Symbol: ETKN
Type: ERC20
ICO Token Price: 0.02 BTC
Uses: Ethereum
ICO Hard Cap: 3,200 BTC
Minimum Purchase: 0.000002 BTC
Accepted Currencies: BTC and ETH
Total Supply: 250,000 ETKN

Start date: 1st Feb.
End date: 30th June.
Token Price: 0.02 BTC
Buy now and get 10% bonus

Token Allocation
30% will be used in further design and development of every single aspect of the platform.
25% will be used in the planned marketing project set to launch worldwide.
15% will be used to cover the legal costs of setting up shop in said markets as well as paying all taxes and legal fees related to it.
20% will be used to expand the operations of the mining equipment’s as well as covering the costs of the data center.
10% will be used to open physical offices on the targeted markets in America, Europe, and Asia.

Road Map

Meet the Team
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Find out more
Website: https://beeasy.io/en
Whitepaper: https://beeasy.io/docs/whitepaper_en.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/beeasyicoeng

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