THINKCOIN brings a new unique platform for the efficient and secure trading operation with the Blockchain technology. All the activity is to collaborate with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) to maximize the people's profit and reduce the risk over the trading operation. This platform initially focused on the retail-trading sector. The trading markets, and subsequently to a range of other financial sectors is expanded into the institutional and corporate derivative by this network system. In the TradeConnect market, the members are a group of company. TradeConnect primary goal is to become the world’s largest multi-asset Blockchain-based trading network all over the world. This platform utilizing the Blockchain technology to provide the decentralized system to spread the facility for all people as they can get more benefits from the trading operation. All the trading operation, which is thrown by this platform as, maintained with transparency and security to provide the most reliable trading facility every corner of the world.
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• Token Name: ThinkCoinToken

• Token Symbol: THINKCOINO

• Token Standard: ERC 20

• Number of token issues: 500,000,000

• Number of token allocation: 300,000,000

• Accepted Currency Medium: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), BCH, LTHINKCOIN and Fiat Currency

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• Soft Capital: 5,000,000 US Dollar

• Hard Capital: 30,000,000 US Dollar

Pre Sale ICO (Initial Coin Offering) 1st stage Structure:

• Pre Sale Pre ICO starting date: 3 April 2018

• Pre Sale Pre ICO ending date: 9 April 2018

• Per Token Price: 0.21 US Dollar

• Pre ICO Bonus: 45%

Pre Sale ICO (Initial Coin Offering) 2nd stage Structure:

• Pre Sale Pre ICO starting date: 10 April 2018

• Pre Sale Pre ICO ending date: 16 April 2018

• Per Token Price: 0.25 US Dollar

• Pre ICO Bonus: 22%

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Structure:

• ICO starting date: 17 April 2018

• ICO ending date: 30 April 2018

• ICO Token Price: 0.30 US Dollar

Fund Allocation Structure

• New User Acquisition and Marketing: for the sales and marketing expenditure and new user acquisition will be allocated to 45% of the fund. Therefore, the company allocated fund for this department to develop themselves and their expenses. This fund including the entire expanse over the online and the event marketing advertisement operations. THINKCOIN plans to roll out for the online blog, Facebook marketing and other demonstrations for the better service on this platform. The token is allocated for the acquisition purpose activity to develop the trading operation to acquisition new user.

• TradeConnect Development: Development THINKCOIN allocates a huge number of the fund. It is around 30% of the total fund. Developments are a most important operational department where all the new invasion, plan, operations ThinkCoin research. Development made the most efficient goods and services to the people and makes it at maximum profit. In the development operational department, operate by the experience and expert people. Their main duty makes a project and researches it, find out its possible lakes, barrier, and the problems and also find out the maximum solution for the projects. That is why THINKCOIN allocated more than 37% of the fund.

• Operations: Every organization has operation department. They do every operation to full fill the company objective. For the administrative and operational activity, THINKCOIN allotted 12% of the funds. It helps those two departments to smooth operation of their mega projects. These departments take care, maintain all the operations, and develop the operational service for this platform as people get maximum support from this service. In this department are arrange all the expert people to ensure the service.

• Licensing additions and Changes: 10% fund is allocated for the licensing and additional changes. This department works with the major documentation activity and makes sure all the paper is real and legal.

• Legal, Audit, and Advisory: Every organization has a legal department to operate all the legal activity. Therefore, THINKCOIN also develops a legal department to operate their all-legal actives and it needs some fund for the operations. The legal service and development this department as provide the efficient service for the operations. All the coats like legal costs include ensuring is regulated and registered to operate several countries. Therefore, THINKCOIN allocates 3% of the fund for the legal operations activities. On the other hand, the company also allocate fund for the audit and advisory activity. Advisory program and operations, as they can provide the best advice for this platform to develop better operation over the financial and the banking operation project.
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• Pre-ICO and ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Participants: For the Pre-ICO and ICO (Initial Coin Offering) participants token operations, they allocated more than 60% of the token for these operations, for they can smooth operations over the sailing program over the converting loose change and cash into the Cryptocurrency system.

• Retained: 24% token is allocated for the retained purpose operation and their developments. Please visit:

• Team:: 15% token are allocated to the team member and their operating program as the company can run and make the best strategy for the better improvement over the online financing and the banking operation system.

• Bounties: For the bounty program, the company reserved 1% of the token allocated to them and their operation to develop this platform to attract more usurers.

Low-Cost Trading Facility

THINKCOIN develops the platform as low cost of trading over the world. They try to minimize the cost and increase the business area over the platform. It really helps for the individuals and business organization as low-cost operations. THINKCOIN reduces the cost of expanding the business area over the border. Low-cost operation increasing the production and business territory. On the other hand, they develop the Artificial Intelligence (AI) system to provide the assistance people to maximize the profit and reduce the risk over the trading operation worldwide. On the other hand, this platform changes the traditional banking operation over the trading operation. The traditional bank is taking a high amount of fees over the trading operation and those are not clear transparent to the people. Therefore, that THINKCOIN develops this platform as individual and institutions are doing trading with low fees and high transparent system.

Utility Tools provide the efficient trading facility

THINKCOIN provides the field as acquiring the marketing platform over the trading floor. They develop the marketing services for premium analysis and development the infrastructure. Therefore, any business organization can use their tools to expand their business area national and international border. It especially helps for the small business organization with low cost of the trading policy. On the other hand, they develop the Blockchain technology to provide the decentralized system operation on the trading facility. This platform allows the Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool for the better and effective servicer of the trading operation and makes people more benefited.

THINKCOIN is the blessing for individual and the institutions because of they can tread with the efficient and safe way by this platform. For more efficiency platform utilized the Blockchain technology to provide the smart and digital decentralized platform for the trading operations.

Road map

•April 2018 — ICO closed and TradeConnect Alpha released

•May 2018 — ThinkCoin Token (TCO) is registered on the exchange of crypto for trading.

•July 2018 — Live TradeConnect Network in Beta for Selected Clients.

•August 2018 — TradeConnect is enabled for trading on crytocurrency.

•October 2018 — TradeConnect trade network begins on CFD FX Products

•November 2018 — ThinkMarkets joins the TradeConnect network and initiates integration from its retail users

•December 2018 — Approx Approval TradeCnnect US Exchange License

•January 2019 — TradeConnect begins offering trades in physical, commodity, futures and other exchange products.

•March 2019 — TradeConnect Allows physical equity trading for investors in Japan, Europe and Australia.

•July 2019 — TradeConnect IPO.

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