HADA DBANK is the first Digital Bank to combine Sharia Banking Module with Blockchain Technology, to create an ethical and responsible banking ecosystem. Hada Dbank is the primary bank to connect up the Islamic keeping money framework to blockchain innovation to help a person to exchange the advanced monetary standards using straightforwardness and reasonable framework in business operations for an economical stream of the bank in the advanced bank industry. The attention on cryptographic money is fundamental in guaranteeing that Islamic purchasers can put resources into the computerized monetary standards towards a social and financial advance. The HADACoins are utilized by the organization in offering computerized cash answer for the shoppers.

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Hada Dbank incorporates the blockchain innovation to guarantee that there is secure exchanging of HADACoins which are utilized to perform every day exercises in the group. The 2007– 2008 money related emergency enlivened the improvement of the organization to manage the vulnerability in the monetary business. Islamic banks consider legitimate corporate administration and Islamic module of keeping money making it less hazardous. The concentration of Hada Dbank is lessening the vulnerability in the advanced managing an account ventures for customers towards the accomplishment of buyer and corporate objectives through quality administrations.

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Blockchain innovation causes a bank shopper to exchange advanced cash without middle people and offer appropriate chronicle of exchanges. The exchanges are recorded from the season of beginning exchanging to lessen instances of money related misfortune to the purchasers. Hada Dbank concentrates on the utilization of cutting edge innovation and imaginative administration group for an appropriate stream of the association. Hada Dbank is also the first Shariah bank on the blockchain which works with Muslims around the world and is also suitable for other users, regardless of their belief in confession. HADA DBANK using personal blockchain that is stored in each node in the network. By default, the nodes are all controlled by HADA DBANK. Some nodes just save a copy of blockchain and did not take part in the process of confirmatory transaction (consensus Protocol). That node can act as a gateway node or backup server. A node that acts as a validator can be found on the network segment that is safe from the bank and made available through the gateway node.

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  • Free encrypted account and e-wallet

  • Saving and return

  • Transfer, dispatch and exchange

  • Loans and investments

  • Real-time payments

  • Bonus points


HADACoins price for pre-ICO
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HADACoins will be issued as 500 million. 295 million coins will be offered for sale. With 295 lakh coins, 20 million private investors and buyers will be allocated to insttutonal 50 million coins will be issued, when the former workout-ICO and the remaining 225 million coins will be issued in near future in our ICOS. 10 million coins will be allocated in the campaign gift


soft cap before target funding = 5,000 ETH

Hard Cap = 20,000 E.H.

HADACoin isolation

35%: A pre-ICO will be presented in the capital allocated for research and development.

30% of operating expense:

20%: For Capital Expenditure

30%: to reserve Hada DBA

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DBANK HADA intend to raise capital for the development of through its HADACoin. Buyers will be able to use HADACoin to conduct banking transactions or daily activities. Customers will be issued with a Debit Card, which enables them to transact with our HADACoin, within the banking platinum or other merchants around the world.

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