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Bitnautic aims to revolutionize cargo logistics, making it more competitive and above all immediate for the end customer. Pierini has an excellent curriculum vitae in logistics and therefore knows very well the field in which he works.
Bitnautic is creating a project that wants to eliminate the weak part of logistics such as the difficulty of access and the consequent need to use intermediaries.

The BitNautic platform is immediate, because it is easily accessible through a simple App, and economic because it puts the customer and the carrier in direct contact. Each customer can access it, indicate what it intends to transport and wait for a logistics company to offer for the service. At the same time the customer, having entered the route he intends to have his goods done, can select the carrier that covers that route. Once the carrier has been selected, the customer can constantly track the shipment status.

Here are some of the other great features of the platform. When using the platform for shipping, cargo is tracked with a state of the art system that is performed in real time. A mobile application will also be available for the tracking of shipments. The platform is also going to offer an exchange for converting fiat currency into the BTNT token. This token is used on the platform for transactions. BitNautic will also be offering a smart card. This will be used for convenient transactions and can be used pay for goods or services. Payments are instant and very secure because of the blockchain technology behind it.
How to Get Started

With BitNautic, you can get various features and incentives. You can now estimate the total shipping costs for a cargo according to the specific requirements and book the cargo as required, no need to worry anymore we’ll handle the rest. Moreover, you can buy products instantly on our E-commerce platform which is specially developed to add as many features as can be helpful for the buyer and seller both.

Ship owners

Got a ship? Want services or crew? Want to put the ship on rent? Worry no more, list your ship on BitNautic and find the best services, staff, and crew for all your shipping needs. BitNautic provides matchless opportunities to expand your business and maximize audience scope. So, you can now list your ships for rent on one of the biggest shipping platforms and maximize your profits.

Custom Agents

BitNautic provides the local shipping agents a great potential to flourish in the market. Our platform connects them directly with the customers that are seeking for good agent services. So, if you are seeking to become a digital broker, BitNautic is the place for you, where you can connect with local and global ship owners as well as the customers
BitNautic Features

here are various facilities available on the platform for the cargo owners, traders and agents. A few of the many features of the platform are mentioned below.

An interconnected network of traders, clients and cargo owners on the Blockchain technology to ensure transparency
Lower transaction Cost and multi-currency acceptance
Global shipping currency to streamline the process of the shipping industry

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Digitized and transparent Transport, Brokerage and Booking system on the platform
E-commerce Platform and Shipping & Cargo Marketplace
Global Tracking tools for the Cargo and ship owners
Exclusive deals and discounts for the traders and clients
They have designed a robust ecosystem based on the blockchain technology for the shipping industry which benefits each stakeholder of the industry. Proof of Stake is utilized for the mining transactions on the Blockchain application to save energy. Booking a cargo, listing your ship on the platform and managing the shipping is easier on the BITNAUTIC platform.

The ICO token BTNT provided by BitNautic is an ERC20 token which will act as a medium to help you be a part of the project. Funds raised via ICO and pre-ICO will mainly be used for the research and development of the platform, in-house trading business and to purchase ships to be used for the transportations of goods in containers as well as bulk products such as agricultural goods (sugar, corn, rice etc.), minerals and construction materials.
The pre-ICO for BitNautic will start on the 15th of March, 2018 and it will end on the 30th of March, 2018. The main token sale, the ICO will start on the 15th of April and it will end on the 15th of June, 2018.
There will be bonuses during the pre-ICO and the main ICO, which will be based on the day of registration. 1ETH is equal to 500 BTNT. The currency that will be accepted during the ICO is ETH. Some of the road maps of the platform are listing of TNT tokens on the Exchange, hiring of the BitNautic development team, shipping platform development initiation and BitNautic Blockchain development initiation.
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